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Chapter 9- Los Angeles

_____Ariel's Pov___________

The following day, I was awoken by Aunty Ayana. She was still in her pajamas and her hair was a little messy.

"Good morning Ariel. Come downstairs for breakfast. I made ham, bacon with cheese in bread for you." she said softly.

"Good morning ." I smiled at her and got out of bed.

We then descended the staircase. a When we got to the kitchen, Uncle Henry was already there.

"Good morning Uncle." I said smiling.

"Good morning Ariel." he said smiling at me.

"Henry, couldn't you wait for us to eat?" Aunty Ayana asked watching him.

"Umm, my belly was growling sweetie and I'm sure you wouldn't want me to have gas. You know what happens when..." he was cut off by Aunty Ayana.

"Henry, stop talking. We are trying to eat." Aunty Ayana said smiling.

I started to giggle.

"What's so funny ?" Uncle Henry asked, tickling me

was flabbergasted.

" Is this for me ?" I asked.

" Yes." They said and I engulfed them in a hug.

"Thank you so much. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you !" I squealed jumping up and down in excitement.

They simply smiled at me, happy that I loved my room.

" Sweetie, in an hour we're going to go shopping ." she smiled at me.

" Yay! " I squealed. When I was in the castle, I hardly left. I never went shopping when I was in the castle because the maids sewed clothes for me.

I entered my room once again and as I observed my room, I saw a flat screen tv.

I'm starting to love L.A.

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