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Chapter 7- Inspection

______Ayana's Pov_______

We were currently in the garage where the car involved in the wreck was.The car smelt horrible. We had masks on and gloves.

A normal person would ask, why hasn't this case been solved. Ten years later and the investigation is still open? Well I'll answer that. When this accident happened, a team was put to solve it. The same night they took the vehicle in the garage, they were threatened to leave the case. They ignored it and they were all killed the following day.

A few other people tried to crack the case after that incident but they all ended up dead. The last t

ked hoping I would agree.

"Sure." I said smiling, " Can I know why?"

" It's very serious honey. I just need you to promise me that you'll be careful. Stay away from my brother. He's going through some things and Ariel needs someone who can take good care of her." Henry said.

"Okay honey. See you soon." I said smiling.

"I love you." he said.

I told him that I loved him too. I then hung up the phone.

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