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Chapter 5- A Case

________Ayana's Pov______

I got up to my iPhone 5c buzzing.

"Hello?" I asked sleepily.

"Ayana, we have a case for you." Captain Harris said on the phone.

" Sorry sir, I'm on vacation." I said smirking to myself.

" I wasn't asking for your permission. Get your behind here by five p.m!" he shouted.

"Sir, I'm in Canada." I said, my patience decreasing.

" I'll have a plane at the airport for you in the next hour." he said.

"Yes sir." I said and hung up the phone.

I got out of bed and quickly packed a couple of my things.

I was a detective at the South Carolina Police Department.

I started working there at age 18. It had always been my dream job. A year later, I met Henry.

Henry had just gone to shower. I wrote a note to him saying that I needed to go to the airport. He understood my job and would not have a problem with me being gone.

I closed the door and ran down the stairs. I called the chauffeur and asked him to take me to the airport.

I was now on the plane, heading to South Carolina.

---2 hours later---

I was wearing a plain white shirt which was b

a Lewis was kidnapped in Boston about the same week Kyra went missing. She resembled Kyra a lot. That week, the kidnapper stroke again. He kidnapped Kyra and put Nadia there, to trick people into thinking that Kyra was still there. When Kyra was nineteen, she died in a tragic accident three blocks away from her parents home. Your job is to develop more clues. Investigate. Be careful. The victims do not need to know that you're investigating that case. We still have the car which her body was found in. The team which investigated this case years ago did not do a good job at all." He said and began walking out of the room.

" So we're supposed to investigate a case of over ten years?" Sarah asked annoyed.

" Yes. And Ayana, you're in-charge.

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