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Chapter 4- A cry for help

_____Ariel's Pov__________

~ I walked around a meadow looking lost. It was quite beautiful and beautiful lilies were all around. As I continued to walk around, a young lady with red hair came. She looked beautiful in a white dress. She came close to me and smiled. She placed her small hand on my cheek.

" Don't worry. If I survived, you can too." she said and suddenly began to run.

" Wait! " I shouted and started to run after her.

I suddenly saw my mom appear out of no where.

"Mom, is that you?" I asked with tears in my eyes.

I began to run closer to her when suddenly my dad appeared behind her with an evil smirk.

" Mom! Run!" I screamed, but it was too late.

He stabbed her and her lifeless body fell to the ground.

"No! No! " I screamed.

My bones suddenly felt as if it were being broken. I screamed in pain as I fell to the ground .~

I got up with a scream but it was muffled. I tried to open my eyes but couldn't.

I tried to move my body but I felt stiff. My senses immediately came to action. I was not on the floor for a fact.

I moved my legs, my hearing senses sharp. I heard a drag of metal.

I knew exactly what was happening now.

I was tied to a chair with metal chains, my mouth was gagged and eyes covered. I could not feel my leg and my arms felt bruised. I probably had broken a few bones and sprained my wrists when I was pushed down the stairs.

I wasted no time in trying to free myself.

I made muffled screams for this position was unbearable. I rocked back and forth until the chair fell to the side, bringing me with it.

I was apparently on a wooden chair, for it broke as soon as it reached the ground.

I felt light headed from the impact, especially with the lack of oxygen.

I used my gymnastics skills to help me out of my situation.

My arms were handcuffed to the back. I was about to twist them to the front when pain suddenly shot through my arm.

I could not hold my pain and frustration in anymore. I screamed in agony.

" Shut up!" I was shouted at by a male.

"Mffphh mfphh m!!!!" I tried to respond but e

verything was muffled.

"Stop with the muffled words. It is so annoying." he said coming closer to me.

The man came and blew into my ears. I was beyond freaked out.

"Let me help you. I promise I'll be nice." he said rubbing his filthy huge hands on my petit arm.

I flinched in disgust. Although I could not see him, I could sense him and smell his awful cigarette breath.

I swung my hands at him whilst he was circling me. I heard him cry in pain. I felt him tug at my long hair and he removed my blindfold. My head was bent back and he was on the floor. His eyes bore into mine.

In one swift movement, I back flipped with all my might. It was quite difficult to do since my hands were handcuffed.

I now managed to have my handcuffs strangling him.

With all my strength, I pulled on my handcuffs. The man struggled to breath but soon it was useless for him.

The handcuff broke off and I was freed by my wrists. My ankles were still bound by the rope.

The useless man who was attempting to sexually harass me was now on the ground bleeding by his neck and looked unconscious. I looked in his pocket found a pocket knife in which I cut the rope which held my feet.

I then removed the tape on my mouth and the gag, which was an old, sweaty sock from my mouth. I spit in disgust on the man. He was so pathetic.

I walked out of the basement. As I walked up the stairs, I felt the pain in my leg. I've broken bones so many times that I can withstand the horrid pain. As soon as I was at the door, I felt more pain which caused me to scream.

This was no natural pain.

To my horror, the man I had left unconscious was at me with a knife.

He grabbed my foot and began to drag me down the flight of stairs.

"Ahhh! Help!! Help me!!!! Ahhhh!" I began to scream and cry my heart out.

I started seeing spots as my head was being hit continuously down the stairs.

I kicked the man continuously until he suddenly lost balance and fell. His nasty blood had dripped all over me. I was so grossed out.

I ran to the door and got out of the basement.

I ran as fast as I could screaming for help.

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