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Chapter 3- Tell me about her

_____Ariel's Pov____________

Dinner was splendid and after I went to my bed to sleep. I had just finished taking a shower and was in my pink pajamas .I hated the color pink. My father refused to buy me anything blue, which was actually my favorite color.

I got into my huge bed and got under my covers.

Two hours later I was still awake. I had twisted over and over but could not sleep.

Thoughts of my mother kept coming into my mind.

Who is she?

Do I look like her? Well, I knew the answer to that question. I looked nothing like my mother so my dad kept beating me up. He always told me that if I looked like her, he would never hit me.

I was tired of thinking about her. It was time I find out about my mother. It was a very difficult topic for my father. It was very hard to even ask her name. My dad had slapped me hard across my face and then he told me her name, Kyra Henderson. He told me it was my fault she had died. She got anemia, which is when you have more white blood cells than red in your body.

When I was four months old she died. My father hated me from the day she died.

I got up from my bed and walked out of my room into the hall. The grand hallway was lighted dimly. I walked up the stairs to Amara's room. I knocked on the door and two minutes later, she sleepily opened the door.

" Hi Ar-iel, Wha-why you....up." her huge yawn swallowed the remainder of her words.

" I can't sleep. I keep thinking about her. Can you tell me about my mom?" I asked hoping she would say yes.

"Sweetie, your mummy was the nicest person anyone could ask for in their lives. She was very beautiful, ju

st like you. You may not look like her but the beauty inside and out is still there. Now Ariel, go to bed. Goodnight." she said smiling.

I walked back to my room. I heard Amara's door close when I could no longer see it. She must have waited for me to leave first.

I still wanted to know about my mother. There was one room which was out of bounds. I believe it was my mom's room. I ran to the floor which that room was.

I tried to open it but it was locked as usual. I had a hair clip in my hair and decided to break into the room.

I removed it from my hair and placed it into the keyhole.

After struggling with it for the longest while, it suddenly opened.

Yes! It worked. Why didn't I think of this before? I was always good at picking locks from time I was little.

I was about to enter the room when I was roughly pulled back.

"What are you doing you little brat? I am going to teach you a lesson for breaking entries. One you'll never forget." my dad said angrily.

" I'm sorry! I just wanted to know about her? Just tell me about her!" I cried.

"That does it!" he shouted and grabbed me by my hair.

I screamed in pain. I felt my hair literally being pulled from my scalp. This was because of how much force he was using to pull my beautiful hair.

Tears were rapidly being spilled from my eyes. My head was hurting and I was beginning to feel dizzy.

"Dad... I'm sorry!" I cried, my voice sounding hoarse.

He looked me in the eye with a smirk and suddenly I was being pushed down the basement stairs.

"Just tell me about her!" I shouted with all my might.

It was becoming hard to breath and soon everything went black.

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