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Chapter 2- Meet Ayana

______Henry's Pov_________

I had just finished signing a contract with a major oil company.It was now twelve in the afternoon so I called Ayana to ask her what she was up to.

Half an hour later we were sitting in a fancy restaurant having lunch.

" Ayana, would you like to come to the castle with me. I need to formally introduce you as my fiancé ." I said smiling.

She smiled warmly at me and nodded her head in approval.

"Great! We shall go after lunch." I said enthusiastically.

"After lunch? That is too soon. I haven't packed my clothes."Ayana said sadly.

"I've taken care of that. The castle is full of clothing to fit you." I said smiling.

"Wow, I can't believe I'm getting married at twenty." Ayana said still shocked.

" Honey, don't worry. I'm only 21 so there's nothing wrong. We live in a mansion together and soon we'll have lots of babies running around the mansion." I said bringing a smile to her beautiful face.

Four hours later we were nearing the castle. My chauffeur drove us since I wanted to spend time with my anxious fiancé.

" Don't worry Ayana. Ariel will love you. She's eleven years old. She's nice to everyone." I said holding Ayana's hand.

*******In the castle**********

"Wow, this is a castle. I thought you were exaggerating but I was wrong. I should have figured this out because we live in a mansion and we're so young." Ayana said.

I kissed her on her cheek and she began to blush. We were then escorted inside by the body guards.

"Uncle Henry!" I heard a voice shout and I was tackled with a big hug.

" Hi Ariel, how are you?" I asked her happily.

" I'm good. Why do you have a model by you?" she asked in surprise.

" Ariel, this is Ayana." I said chuckling.

" Hi Ayana. Wow! You're more beautiful than Henry said." Ariel said causing Ayana to blush.

" It's nice to meet you Ariel. You are very pretty too." Ayana said smiling at Ariel.

"Ariel, where's your dad?" I asked and saw her tremble a little.

"He's in- in the study."

Ariel said a little frightened.

" I'll go get him." I said and ran up the stairs to his study.

A few minutes later I was in front of Raymond's study.

I knocked on the door but there was no response. I opened the door only to find one of the maids on top of Raymond half naked.

I cleared my throat and they both turned to face me.

"You have three seconds to get out before I dispose of your body." I shouted loudly at the maid.

She scurried out without thinking twice. I looked at Raymond in disgust.

"So this is my welcome present? I come home to see my brother with a maid ?" I asked furious.

He smirked at me then asked why I was there. I told him I wanted to introduce my fiancé to him.

"Took you long enough ." Raymond said laughing.

I shook my head at him and left after I told him about the dinner plans.

*****dinner time********

It was now seven in the evening and we were all seated for dinner.

"Raymond, this is Ayana, my fiancé ." I said smiling.

They shook hands and Raymond merely shook his head.

My fiancé was wearing a long, fancy white dress with silver embedded in it. It fit her in all the right curves. Her brown hair was in an up-do and her lips were covered with red lipstick. On her finger was the diamond ring which I had proposed to her with two weeks ago.

Ariel was smiling happily. She had her long black hair flowing beautifully on her back. She wore a simple red dress with a pumpkin style. She had red ballet flats with ruby embedded in them.

__________Raymond's Pov______

I am so upset. How can Henry come here engaged while I'm mourning the 'tragic death' of my wife. I miss her a lot. I wish she did not die. I want to have a wife too.

In the ancient days of my father, if your brother died, his wife had to marry the brother.

A smile made its way to my face.

"So, this is the famous Ayana. I have finally met with the beautiful young lady. Henry, what a perfect lady for you. Ayana, tell me about yourself. I want to meet the real Ayana." I said smiling.

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