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Chapter1- The fight

_______Ariel's Pov______

"You're late!" my father scolded me as I walked into the battle room.

I was learning the piano upstairs and my lessons went a little over time. I rushed to the battle room which was three stories down from where my lessons were. I was so scared. I didn't mean to be late. I ran down over three flights of steps to get to the battle room since I was forbidden to use the elevator. Only my father was allowed to use them and if he caught anyone using the elevator above ground level, his wrath would unleash.

The battle room was filled with dangerous weapons and other stuff. My dad was my instructor and he was tough. Even when we were not in the battle room he was still mean and as cold as ice. I don't know why he is so mean. He has never showed affection or love to me. I don't know what I have done to deserve such awful treatment from him.

I wish my mom was here. She would be able to help me. At least I have Amara here with me. She's my aunt. She is really nice to me. I've known her basically all my life. She shows me love and affection. She is like a mother to me because when my mom died, she raised me. I even called her mom for most of my life. She is petite and dyed her hair brown.

I was cut off of my thinking by a hard punch to my face, but I did not move as my dad had taught me how to stand my ground.

"Rule number one, always pay attention!" my father shouted at me.

I watched him screw faced and ran towards him in anger, receiving a body slam by him in the process.

"Ariel, how many times do I have to tell you this? Never run to your opponent if you don't have enough strength to pin them down or to stand firm if they use your attack against you." he said hovering over me.

"Get off of me!" I screamed at him.

"Make me!" he said and started to attack me with punches.

I blocked them easily. I could hurt my dad if I wanted to but then again, he was my dad, he never did me anything wrong. He's simply teaching me how to prepare for the outside world.

I suddenly felt his weight off me. He was nowhere in sight.

I was about to get up when I sensed danger. I felt his presence to my left. I rolled to my right quickly and back flipped. I got up swiftly and saw my dad running at me with his sword. I grabbed one quickly and started to fight him. This was the first time in history I had ever seen my dad actually struggling to keep up with me in a sword fight. I was getting better at this and the smirk on my face caused my father to get irritated. He was getting infuriated and began exerting more force towards me in an attempt to beat me and I could see the vengeance in his eyes which made me feel intimidated and petrified.

I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my abdomen and fell to the ground, my sword flying out of my hand in the process.

"That's your punishment for being late." my father said, dropping his sword on the floor and then he stepped on the area in which he had just stabbed.

I knew not to make my emotions get the best of me so I did not bother show my tears. I felt light headed and soon everything went black.


"Ariel!" I heard a familiar voice call my name.

I slowly fluttered my eyes open to see Aunty Amara by my side. She had a look of sympathy on her face and I smiled weakly at her, trying to act like everything was fine. After all, this was not the first time something like this had happened.

"My princess, your father is pushing you too hard. He fights unfair. One day you'll defeat him for good." she said passing her soft hand in my hair.

I know I'll defeat him someday, but what did she mean by the 'for good' part.

She soon left my room, which was as big as a penthouse suite and went outside to allow me to rest.


Hey to all my readers. Thanks for reading.

I'm Whitney and I love wattpad.

This book is one out of the four part series still in progress.

This is the 2nd book in the Castle Series.

The first book is "Kidnapped to live in a Castle"

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