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I sighed, rolling onto my side so that I faced the wall and the door to my left. "Giovanni at the very least I want to know why I'm here-- why you want me here. You said that you want me but what does that mean? That you just want to sleep with me?"

"No, " his voice was low-- tired and somewhat exasperated. "I do not merely want to sleep with you, Teryn."

"Then what is it?" Steadily my voice was rising in pitch. "Did you just want to protect me then? You use me as a witness in this grand investigation you're planning for Armand and his men or are there more investigations you want to coax me into being a part of?"

My anger had piqued and I turned to finally face the man who seemed to have no answers all of a sudden.

"You don't get to be the only one with secrets, Giovanni, not after we've done-- not after what I did for you. The only thing I need; no, all that I deserve from you is honesty. But I won't beg for it."

I tucked an arm under the pillow, supporting my head beneath the thick down. " I don't suppose you have a boat lying about the grounds here. I am, unfortunately, without a passport so taking a flight back to Minnesota is not really an option."

He remained silent for a long time. I shifted position, from my side to laying on my stomach, yet, still being somehow cognizant of the idea that I didn't want to face him. But Giovanni didn't make a sound; at least not

Until sleep had virtually dragged me down into its lair by my feet.

"Paramour, " he murmured. By then, I had very nearly forgotten where I was and with whom I spoke.

My voice was groggy, thick with what should have been a deep sleep. "That's a strange name for a boat, " I heard myself say without thinking.

He laughed only fractionally and for a moment I wondered if he thought this was funny--that it was all just one big joke to toy with my feelings this way.

"I have a boat, " he stammered and for the first time since I had met him, he sounded nervous. "I call her by a different name. Paramour is what you are to me, " he whispered the last as if it were some secret he was never supposed to tell or was, for whatever reason, reluctant to admit.

"There are among my kind, " he continued, "those who believed, as the Greeks did-- in soulmates. That Zeus had created every man with two parts to himself: two hearts, four hands, four legs, two faces and most importantly, two souls all inhabiting a single body. The bond between the two parts of the whole of man was great and fearing the power and the ingenuity of that bond, the god of the heavens and ruler of Olympus, separated man into his two parts and in so doing, doomed them to walk the Earth longing for not only the other part of their bodies but for the other half of their being-- the identical soul to their own.

Many a man, including men and women of my own kind, have devoted themselves to finding their other half; the one whom we vampires call our paramour. In fact, we are taught from the earliest point in our existence that every vampire has one. For my biological father, my mother was that person- or so he had led her to believe. After enduring years of her sorrow because the man my mother loved more than her own life had abandoned her, I had come to the understanding that one such person for me did not, in fact, exist." he paused, speculatively.

"That is, until you, " he murmured. That got my attention. I gave him the satisfaction of seeing my face and that was my mistake.

He grabbed me abruptly and swiftly by my upper arms first, his grip was tight enough that it was near the point of pain. Hunger and need burned with fierce intensity in his eyes that were now the deep blue color of midnight skies and it became apparent in the fraction of a second in which our eyes locked, that I was the meal, although, I was not sure in which sense he wished to devour me. But my body burned and ached for him all the same and when he pressed his lips to mine, it was euphoria like I had never felt.

His arms now pressed me to his chest as they encircled me, with his lips telling a completely different story than the carnal need his eyes portrayed. They were soft and gentle; coaxing and caressing and not at all punishing. Yet, still, he pulled away all too quickly, pressing a kiss to my forehead and sighing like a thirsty man who had only now had a drink of water.

"There it is, " he breathed. "Put so vaguely, you complete me, my dearest Teryn. I am like a drowning man when I am not with you and I wonder how I had ever existed for so long with the void that only you can fill; a void which I only feel with painful exactness when you are not near. I know you must find this irrational-- like one of your human fairytales, but if you are looking for precise explanations, I cannot give them. Against my better judgment-- or perhaps, without any judgment at all, I only know what I feel for you."

"And what do you want?" I pressed, wanting him to just come out and say it already. I was ecstatic that he felt this same irrational inclination toward me that

would say that I am more than a little easy on the eyes and I believe that you agree with me. I see the way you look at me, Teryn, " he whispered close to my ear, circling me like a shark ensnares a seal pup.

"Your body dances like a puppet on strings, perfectly in harmony with mine." He paused behind me and one cool hand skated along the left side of my face, igniting an electric current as his skin connected to mine. With each touch, my body seemed to relax further into his, as if I were unconsciously proving the point he was making. Finally, his palm lay splayed against my ribs just below my left breast and he pulled my back flush against the front of his body

"Do I affect you as much as I think I do or do you mean to say that I have lost the art?"

I swallowed once... twice to clear my throat enough to speak. My world was spinning and the only sound reverberating off the walls of the room was his hushed baritone and the thundering of my heart in my ears. The only smell was his sweet breath and my skin burned under his hand.

"You're a little arrogant, to say the least." I managed to squeak.

He chuckled and I shuddered at the sound. "Centuries of lust and admiration from both sexes has afforded me confidence but you are the only one whose approval I have found myself longing for." He pressed a soft to the throbbing artery in my throat.

"To bed with you, " he commanded, hoisting me off the ground with the arm around my torso.

"Wait... what?" It took a moment for the lustful haze to dissipate from my mind. "But we haven't finished discussing this."

"For now, we have, " he responded, pulling back the sheets on the bed. "You have your answer. You are my partner; you belong to me and I belong to you for as long as you want me. You will stay here with me and anything that you wish to know about me, I will share, in the hopes that you will share the same with me. I will endeavor to make you comfortable here." He sounded like a military general giving directives and he dropped me onto the mattress, his smooth, muscular chest glistening in the pallid moonlight.

Giovanni bent at the waist and cupped my cheek in one large palm. "I would like you to share this room with me; its far bigger than it should be for one man and I would appreciate if you slept here with me tonight and every other night that follows."

'You sleep?" I asked, truly curious. It seemed strange for immortals to need rest.

"Of course, " he replied climbing onto the bed to sit across from me in the center. "This body is still very much alive. Lay down."

" Well it seems reasonable, " I responded with a shrug, complying without thinking and laying on my side with my back facing him. I wasn't sure how this would work but I was secretly delighted. Giovanni's arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me back against him and he molded himself to my frame, hugging me in every imaginable way.

His embrace, which seemed warm despite the coolness of his skin, began to lull me to sleep immediately. "There's still so much we need to discuss if we're going to make this work, " I repeated as I fought sleep but to no avail.

"Hush, " Giovanni whispered, kissing my neck as he nestled his head there.

As sleep pulled me under, I heard him whisper two simple words in my ear, so softly that I almost thought that I had begun to dream them: "Thank you."

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