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The vampire stepped closer to me until the tips of his shoes touched my bare toes. "And now you are afraid, " Giovanni said rather matter of factly. His crystal blue eyes bore into mine from only inches away.

"I'm not." I tried to sound confident but it was a harder thing to do than you might expect. This man, perfect in every right, stood before me in all his infinite beauty; clad in some expensive, black suit with a dress shirt a deep crimson and paired with a slender, black tie. Anything he wanted; any woman he desired I imagined he could have quite easily. Yet, he stood here trying to pick my brains; the concept baffled me.

"Yes you are, " he murmured, taking my hands in his. "You think that just because you do not shed any tears that this makes you fearless." As he spoke, I felt a single tear fall down my cheek and Giovanni released one of my hands to wipe it away. With that hand, he caressed my cheek. "Tell me what it is that you are afraid of."

The sincerity and yearning in his eyes unmanned me and I suddenly wanted to bare my soul to him.

"I'm afraid of not being afraid, " I answered truthfully. "I'm afraid that the longer I stay here, the less human I feel. I'm so close to what might be the end of my life but that seems to have no bearing on my emotions; any normal, sane person would be cowering in their own skin at the thought of what is to come but I can't bring myself to be so distraught. I'm afraid that I will always feel as numb as I do now; that sooner of later, I won't remember what it's like to feel joy or sadness or fear or..."

I stared into Giovanni's blue orbs and was confronted with the gravity of my feelings for him. I realized that there was only one emotion that I was afraid I would never feel and that was because of the way I felt about the man before me. "Or love.."I finished.

His eyes softened to a molten sapphire color and he pulled me into his embrace, wrapping his arms around my waist. I rested my head against his shoulder and allowed myself to relax for a moment. His skin was cool to the touch but I still felt the warmth of that electric current that always seemed to flow between us.

Giovanni just held me, making no move to respond. I wondered if I had come on too strong. I wondered if the implication in my words had not been lost on him and as I had already suspected, that he did not entirely reciprocate my feelings.

After a long moment of him just holding me to his chest and rocking me gently in our small corner of the universe, he finally spoke. "I never knew my father; I think I told you this, yes?"

"You did, " I answered, pressing a gentle kiss to his neck. "You said that he left your mother while she was still pregnant with you and she never talked about him; that she married again while you were still very young."

He smiled, a slight curving of his perfect lips but there was a bit of sadness in his eyes. Turning his head, he pressed a kiss to my temple. "I never like my stepfather; I am sure you gathered that, " he breathed against my skin. "We lived in your world for a while during my youth and when I was seven, I had a friend named Peter. He was human, like you and I loved him like the brother I was never fortunate to have.

I was there for him-- as much as someone my age could be for another person, amidst his struggles and the sufferings of his family because of their extreme poverty. Eventually, I took to stealing for them; bags of produce, loaves of bread or flasks of milk from the market. I was a small thing then."

He chuckled lightly and the sound reverberated through his chest. " And I was very fast too. The merchants could rarely catch me, which allowed me to carry my catch away to the bay where I met Peter. I thought I was good at it until the baker's daughter caught me leaving her father's shop one morning with a few loaves I did not plan to pay for. She was older than I was and even faster than me and she ran to tell my mother of what I had done.

I can still remember how furious she was with me. At first, she could not understand why I would need to steal anything; especially human food. I was a vampire after all; my body was not designed to break down human sustenance if I ingested it. But when she finally put it all together, " Giovanni shook his head and his blond hair brushed against the side of my face.

"She understood why I was driven to do what initially seemed unnecessary and her anger with me died like a flame in cool, night air. Mother had always been known to have a compassionate heart, which was why I never understood how she married a man like my stepfather; someone with too primitive a mind to ponder the complexities of selflessness." He murmured, absently brushing his lips from my temple to the corner of my right eye, close to my hairline and then back up again.

"I begged my mother to let Peter and his family stay with us or perhaps, just Peter-- at least until his family could afford to live more comfortably. She said we could not; that Peter and I were not the same. So boldly, with as much conviction as any immature boy could muster I declared that if he could not stay with me because of what I was, then I wanted to be like him."

"You wanted to be human?" I asked pulling away to look him in the eyes. I remembered him saying something to that effect a week ago when I confessed an irrational hatred for all vampires. I had thought that his utterance was merely brought on by my words but it would seem that these notions had been forming in his head long before me.

He watched me with those soft, blue eyes and nodded, a small smile on his lips. "Well, that was the first of only two occasions where I wished to be one of your kind. My stepfather heard me of course, and he instantly assumed that my relationship with Peter was something more than platonic.

I merely wanted to protect Peter but my stepfather could not reconcile with that logic. He could not understand why I would want to be one of your kind. You were all weak in his mind, ruled by your emotions. You starved and rioted for causes that were beyond your control

idn't feel awkward to just reach out and touch him and the warmth I felt whenever his cool skin was on mine, was like a rush.

'Boy, ' I scolded myself. That wasn't the word for him. I looked down at the muscled torso; the slightest movement as he adjusted in my hold, sent muscles rippling along his back. I could feel the bones in his strong jaw against my breast through the cloth and he rested his head more comfortably against me. No, Giovanni was all man.

The fact that this person, this personification of a Greek god lay here in my arms, made no sense to me. I was nothing short of a plain Jane. How could he want me?

I had just had to ask. "But you think I'm attractive?"

He stirred in my arms, sitting up to look at me. I held my breath as he stared, waiting for my answer. "Of course, I do." The look on his face said that he was surprised that I would even doubt that.

"I don't understand." There was nothing particularly spectacular about my physical appearance. Certainly nothing that would warrant his affection.

He scoffed at my confusion, running a hand through my thick curls. " I do not know what you have been told about yourself, Teryn." The way he said my name sounded so intimate. "And I am not sure if you truly see yourself in a mirror; although I do not think that there are a lot of mirrors here are there?"

I shook my head, smiling a little at his musing. Sure, the mirrors were few and far between here.

"Well, we will have to do something about that... but if you could but only see what I now see, then you would understand." His bright blue eyes, now the color of cornflowers bore into mine, staring even so deep as my very soul.

"I have never more attracted to any woman in my entire three hundred and forty-seven years of existence, as I am to you. Your body is utterly perfect. Lying and telling you that I was committed to another was all I could do to not ravish you right there in that small room when we first met.

The scent of your skin, your warmth, the sight of your curves: these are the things that have a starring role in all of my fantasies. You can imagine that it is very hard for me to have you here, sitting astride me like this. It is very difficult to resist the urge to make love to you right here on this cold floor but, I think that would not be very gentlemanly or romantic and I plan on being all of those things for you."

I blushed, startled by the sincerity and how easily he admitted that he desired me. His admission made me feel an extreme, buzzing warmth inside and I realized that I had always really wanted his approval of me.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked, brushing some of my hair behind my shoulders to expose my throat.

"Nothing, really." I replied. "I suppose I'm just happy, I guess. I have never wanted anyone's approval before you."

I shivered when I felt him press his lips to the base of my throat. '"I had fallen for you from the moment I say you, my love." He murmured against my skin. "You are simply far too desirable for your own good."

He kissed over my left clavicle, his fingers coming around my body to undo the strings that held the bodice of the dress together and I held still.

"Believe me when I say this; You are beautiful, " he murmured, his voice filled with wonder and he kissed a path down the valley between my breasts. A strangled moan escaped my lips and then his mouth was on mine, kissing me fiercely. I surrendered to him, as his hands kneaded my waist over the dress.

"I have to get you out of here." He breathed when he pulled away. "I do not care for this alias or maintaining the integrity of this assignment. I will dismantle this institution one way or the other but, not at any more expense to your safety. I will not let anyone hurt you anymore."

Giovanni stood with me in his arms, my legs wrapped around his waist. I inhaled his musky scent, resting my head against his shoulder and felt him begin to walk.

"I think that you are tired, " he whispered and kissed my forehead. "Rest and I will keep you safe. I swear it."

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