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I sat there, prostrate in a corner of this dark cellar, rubbing my wrists and throat from where those girls had used the silver chains to drag me down here. I was surprised that I had even surrendered so quickly but then, Armand had wisdom enough to know just how to persuade me...

I had just left the room with Teryn, heading for the exit and admittedly feeling a little dejected that not much had changed since our previous encounter. She hated my kind--inclusive of myself since she had not specified otherwise; if somehow that hate for us had lessened in intensity in the week between our visits, I could not tell.

I remember distinctly thinking that I would give anything to be able to change that perception of us; that maybe then, I would have some semblance of a chance to win her affections.

Otherwise, I could never bring myself to confess my feelings. I could never impose myself on her in such a way. I wanted her to seek me out of her own free will and at the moment, given her confession, that seemed like a very unlikely possibility.

So lost in my own thoughts was I that I did not hear the footsteps approaching from behind me. I did not hear the clinking of the chains until they were around my throat. And the pain of it was intense; like seering flames. I imagined that this was what my victims experienced when I used my gift on them.

I heard the heartbeat from behind me, inhaled the scent from the blood coursing through their veins and knew that it was a human attempting to subdue me. Yet, for a human, there was a considerable amount of strength being exerted on the silver around my neck.

A fairly strong tug was given to the chain and I groaned, falling to my knees.

"I didn't think it would be this easy. Quick; get his wrists, " came a feeble, female voice from behind me. I could smell her fear and that of the blonde, dressed in some clichéd maid's uniform who emerged from behind me with another silver chain link.

The girl wrapped the chain she held around both my wrists. Her hands shook with every movement and seemed almost afraid to look at me.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked her, my breathing heavy and labored as the silver continued to blister my flesh. Rarely did I feel the bite of silver on my flesh for rarely did any man dare to use it against me. I think if more men had, they would realize that I was not so easily defeated.

The blonde girl looked up at me, something like compassion in her grey eyes. "Please don't make this harder than it needs to be. Are you able to stand?"

I scoffed, rising to my feet with little effort. The pain was immense but not enough to complete incapacitate me. Whoever had sent these girls had greatly underestimated my strength. "I wonder what Armand and his minions has told you of me." I raised my wrists without so much of a grunt, pulling against the blonde's hold on the chain who looked shocked that I was able to withstand the pain.

If I wanted to, I could easily be free of the both of them, despite the silver but, I did not relish the idea of hurting innocents. These girls obviously did not really want to harm me. "These chains-- this silver is not enough to keep me tamed, so I suggest you tell me why you were sent to do this."

The blonde's throat convulsed, tears welling up in her eyes but the reply came from the girl who stood behind me, maintaining a relatively secure grip on the chain around my neck. "Armand sent us with a message for you. He said that he had devilish plans for someone named Teryn; plans that would very literally be the end of her..."

I had whipped around to face the girl who had been standing behind me and the blonde lost her hold on the chains around my wrists. I saw then that the girl behind me was also dressed in the black and white maid's uniform. Her hair was a deep auburn color, blue eyes bulging when my hands with the chains still hanging from my wrists, found their way to her throat. "What plans?" I hissed at her.

"I don't know, " she choked out, shaking her head violently. "I don't know. He wouldn't tell us."

"He just told us that if you wanted to save her, then you would you would come with us." The blonde whimpered behind me. "Please don't hurt her. We'll take you to where he plans to keep her. Just let her go."

I did as the blonde asked, releasing the other girl abruptly. She fell to her knees on the cold concrete, panting and gasping for air.

"I'm sorry, " I told her, when the anger had receded from my mind. She looked up at me briefly, nodding with very little enthusiasm and understandably so.

I had not meant to nearly strangle the poor girl but I was beginning to realize that any threat to Teryn's life made me very irrational. I had felt more in control in that moment but still my sluggish heart seemed to be beating wildly in my chest at the thought of my beloved somehow suffering more than she already had.

"Take me to her, " I told the blonde, who nodded, stepping toward me hesitantly.

"Can I?" The girl pointed to the chains tangling from my hands.

I held my wrists out to her and sighed. "If doing so puts you at ease, then you may. The same goes for your friend."

It took very little after that to convince them that I had resigned to being a willing prisoner. They led me down several obscure, and very dimly lit hallways and I followed the blonde without a word until we came to a single, rusted metal door at the end of the last hall.

The blonde girl let go the chains to turn a latch on the door and pushed it inward. The metal groaned in protested, reve

p so that she could sit with her back against my chest. I rubbed her upper arms with the palms of my hands. "Do not speak; just breathe. I can hear your heart beating so rapidly-- like, how do you humans say it, like a drum?"

She smiled. "It will never cease to amaze me how unaware you always seem to be of human phrases. Its like you're from a different time."

"Perhaps, in many ways I am, " I replied with a smile of my own. "Are you alright? You hit your head quite a few times when you fell. How dare Armand and his jackals treat you in such a manner." I hissed the last.

Teryn placed a hand over one of mine that had tightened on her arm, squeezing reassuringly. She twisted in my hold and gave me the full weight of her gaze. "I'm okay. Don't worry.

Tentatively, she stood, attempting to steady herself by grasping one of my shoulders. "What are you doing here, Giovanni?"

"I came here under the false pretense that I would be saving your life if I complied but it would seem to me that given what Armand has said, my cooperation will change nothing. It appears that he had no real intentions of leaving you unharmed and likewise, he must not have intended that there be anyway for me to prevent it."

"Oh course, " A harsh laugh, bitter and cold escaped her lips. "Of course that bastard knew what I would choose, he knew that I wouldn't give him what he wanted, yet, he gave me a choice anyway."

"What choice?" I stood with her, stepping in front of her to stop the manic pacing she had began. Teryn shook her head, curling her finger around the ends of a few strands of her hair that fell over her ample bosom. The act distracted me, my eyes following the movement of her hands and all the way down to the rest of her. Without putting much thought into it, I reached out and grabbed her by her waist, pulling her close to me.

It was inappropriate to think of such things-- to be fixated on the fit of her bodice and the way the fabric flowed over the swell of her hips. Such lust filled thoughts should not possibly be conceivable at such a time when her life was in danger. In fact, Armand did speak of torture...

"I thought that you'd left." Her eyes were wide and unseeing staring at the fabric of the jacket on my shoulder. You weren't supposed to be. I thought that he meant to throw me in here with Antonio but, then again I never really conspired with Antonio; only with you..."

"Antonio, the manager." I said matter of factly. I was reminded of what we had discussed before I had last seen her: about plans to gather information and unorthodox means by which to remain inconspicuous while doing so.

"Did he not succumb to your coercion? Though I cannot see why any man would not; he is still a man after all. And in my experience, seduction has never been found to be an ineffective method of persuasion." I could not hide the bitterness in my voice. The thought of another man putting his hands on her body sickened me.

"Of course, I got the information, though I don't know how long I can guarantee that it will remain hidden if Armand and Marcus realize that I've taken it." She slipped free of my hold, resuming her pacing again. "And don't sound so pissy about it; with your claim on me and all that. I didn't enjoy it anymore than you enjoyed the thought of it. I only did it to get what you needed. I did it for you. I'm even here in this dungeon because I was thinking of you."

Because of me? "You spoke of choices.... What choice did you make? What did you do, Teryn?"

My goddess plopped down in the circle of the light, taking the lamp in her hands and staring at the kerosene fueled flame dancing within it. "I think the better question is what didn't I do.."

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