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It felt like déjà vu almost; an almost identical re-occurrence of the events that brought myself and the other original ten survivors of our perilous boat ride to this place. I felt myself being hoisted up over what I presumed to be Marcus' shoulder, my feet strewn across his chest and my hands dangling down his back.

I couldn't see a thing and the lack of sight produced the panic. I struggled wildly, thrashing and splaying my hands and feet in all directions with the hopes of getting free of the vampire's hold but it was to no avail. My limbs connected to some part of him with every attempt but he seemed unfazed. Marcus' hand smacked me roughly on my backside. "Stop your struggling child. You will enjoy this one; I promise."

"Put me down!" The object around my head--possibly a bag, muffled the sound of my voice and made it, to some extent, a bit difficult to breathe.

Marcus ignored me, tightening his grip around my thighs. He spoke again, but not to me. "Is the car ready?"

Another male voice answered, high pitched and raspy like a chain smoker's. "Yes sir."

"Good, " the vampire who held me replied. "Inform Armand of this." The sound of retreating footsteps followed the order.

"What joy, " I thought to myself. My curiosity were piqued. What deal did not only Marcus, but Armand possibly want to strike with me? Yet, I suspected that such a deal would have certain non-negotiable conditions.

"Let's take a walk, " Marcus said to me before I felt him begin to move. I'm sure he said this more to inform me of what he intended to do rather than to suggest that I had much of a choice in the matter. I couldn't protest of course, in my position. "You know, I personally do wish that it did not have to come to this, " he continued. "Regardless of what you choose to do-- when the choice is given of course, you will be sent away. Such a pity that our time together should be cut short when it has only yet begun."

I snorted. "Well this is new. I actually get a choice this time?"

"Sadly yes, you do get to choose this time." I could hear the disappointment in his voice and it sickened me. He must be thinking of all the ways he had hoped to abuse me; like he had abused those other girls. Like he had tormented Vivian.

"Then in that case, I cannot wait to be away from you." I tried to sound unbothered by his words but that was far from the truth.

I didn't know where they were taking me, what choice there was to be made and where I would be sent away and the not knowing scared me. Yet, nothing frightened me more--not even the thought that my safety might be at risk-- than the thought of not seeing Giovanni again..

The vampire chuckled. "You really hate me don't you Teryn?" I heard the sound of heavy metal protesting as if it was being pushed aside.

"Oh you have no idea, " I responded, still kicking even though I knew it was too late now. The night air raked its icy fingers across my exposed skin and fluttered the coarse fabric of the dress against my thighs.

I was putting up a struggle more to maintain some portion of my dignity than to actually get free of him; I knew how impossible that was. The only weapon I had was no longer in my possession; it was stuck in the fabric of a decent man's fine silk shirt. I was blind; having been removed from the confines of the re-purposed club and although, it may not have been a safe place, it was a familiar one. I knew my way around those halls for the most part; at least there, I would have had a fighting chance.

Out here in the open, caught in Marcus' grasp, there was no mercy to be had.

I knew that this was once again, what looked like the end of the line for me. Yet, that revelation did more to still me than I thought it would and I stopped fighting to get away. It was like the kind of calm you watch the gazelle experience when it realizes that it can't escape the lion's jaws. The truth gives way to a certain numbness-- a strange kind of peace in knowing that there is no use in fighting anymore.

I felt that numbness now. This wouldn't be the first time that I had been forced to stand on this edge. This wasn't the first time that I had been within arm's reach of death itself and I realized that I was tired of fighting what seemed to be the inevitable in this cruel place.

Truthfully, I had never expected to become this jaded but I couldn't think of anything that I could do to turn the tables in my favor.

"What? Don't tell me that you've given up now, " the man chided. "Really; so soon? The fight has gone out of you already? Did you really plan to do nothing with all your hate for me?"

We had stopped moving by then and I felt myself being lifted off of his shoulder. There was loose gravel beneath my feet when he released me, leaning my battered back against something cold and solid behind me. Maybe this was the car that he spoke of to his subordinate.

"You're a monster, Marcus, " I told him with conviction, hearing him open one of the doors to the supposed vehicle. "You delight in exciting fear-- you thrive on it even. Yet, you desire a challenge even more. You like being the big, bad wolf in the story but, you would enjoy it even more if one of the pigs would put up more of a fight. I admit this makes you somewhat of a formidable adversary but, it also makes you a fool. There are other ways to get even than to lash out blindly and if that's what you're waiting for me to do, then you'll be waiting forever. "

Marcus made a low, growling sound close to my ear and gripped my arm tightly. "Even so, this is not one of your fairy-tales." Using his hold on that arm, he shoved me backward and I toppled over onto some cushioned seat-- smooth and velvety like expensive leather.

"I am no big, bad wolf, " he continued. "I am a vampire. No fictional villain can rival me and still, after all you have endured you have not yet learned the code of my world." I heard the door as it was slammed shut.

"There is no moral to this story; the hand of goodness and purity does not triumph over what you perceive to be evil. There is only power here. Power trumps all things and you possess none of it." The seat beneath me shifted with Marcus' weight as he sat down beside me but, before I could make a move to crawl away, his icy fingers encircled one of my ankles.

"Now tell me Teryn, which of us is more foolish?" The vampire asked and I could hear the

seemed to have forgotten how to breathe. Yet, I didn't make a sound; I made no move to answer the question-- to accept what was being offered to me.

Armand's hand on my cheek shot out for my throat, squeezing tightly. "Did you really think I would not find out that the two of you were plotting something behind my back? Did you really take me for that much of a fool? I may not be able to hurt him, since our laws prohibit it but, there is no legislature to tell me what I can and cannot do to you. If you thought that what Marcus and Amir and even Christian did to you was horrid, your fragile mind has no room to fathom the depravity of the men that I am prepared to hand you over to if you if do not cooperate.

That is what was meant by a choice. You can leave here a free woman, having betrayed your accomplice's trust in the interest of self-preservation or you can take your loyalty with you when I deliver you into the hands of true evil.

Choose, girl and choose wisely. I will ask you but one more time: who is this man and what does he mean to do where my business is concerned?"

"Don't be an idiot, Teryn." I heard Marcus sneer from behind me and I started to smile.

They wouldn't get anything out of me...

Armand shook me roughly. "Tell me who he is!" he bellowed. I had never heard even a hint of emotion in his voice until that moment. "Tell me who that man is and who sent him! What does he want?!"

I laughed in spite of the intensity of the situation. "So all it took was a little conspiracy theory to ruffle your feathers; just a little talk of rats and treacherous 'employees' is all one needs to put a little life back into your bones, " I giggled.

Inwardly, I wondered if I had truly gone insane. "There's nothing to tell, Armand. I have no secrets to sell."

The vampire threw his head back and roared, an angry sound filled with frustration. He released me so roughly and so suddenly that I fell on my backside in the sand. "Cover her eyes and bring her back to the car. I have plans for her, " he commanded as he headed in the direction behind me, disappearing in beyond the tree line.

The sack was once again thrown over my head and tightened at the base of my jaw. I was thrown over someone's shoulders but I was only aware that it was Marcus carrying me again when I heard him say, "You've made a terrible choice, Teryn."

We were repeating the events that brought us to this beach; this time in reverse order and so quickly that I barely had time to contemplate just how bad a choice I had made. There was the deafening silence as we passed through the portal and then the bustling sound of cars on a highway followed by the hush of the interior of the vehicle as Marcus climbed inside with me draped across his body.

He didn't bother to touch me inappropriately for the duration of the drive. He didn't bother to speak either; nor did anyone else. But this was a different kind of silence than what we had driven in on the initial ride out here. This silence rather, was filled with the anticipation of both the inevitable and the terrible.

All too quickly, the car came to a stop and I was being hauled out of the car again. Marcus set me on my feet and gripped my left arm tightly to steer me in the direction he wanted me to go. I had walked these halls barefooted enough times to recognize that we were once again in the brothel-- the smooth concrete and marble tiles would always be familiar to me.

I followed clumsily along, tripping over my own feet as I fought to keep up with the extreme pace with which Marcus walked. When he finally pulled me to a stop, I heard the whining of ancient metal and Armand's voice from somewhere to my left. "Let her spend the remainder of this night with her co-conspirator and have one of the girls prepare the silver to bind him with in the morning. I want him to witness every moment of her torture and maybe, when he's had enough, I will be merciful and end her suffering myself.

Or perhaps, maybe I am not merciful at all..."

And in the same instant, the sack was pulled off of my head. I was shoved forward-- sent tumbling down an unseen flight of stairs that had been below me and just as soon as I had regained my sight, my world was consumed by darkness again.

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