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The hall was still empty when I emerged from the room, with one hand pressed onto my waist above the bulge in my dress where I'd stuffed the blade under its waistband.

I understand now what I could do-- what I should do. It would be unorthodox to say the least; probably extremely irrational to someone looking in from the outside, but I could think of another way to get what I wanted without implicating Antonio as a willing accessory.

I don't know what the penalty for vampires who commit treason is but I wasn't willing to gamble with Antonio's life so that I might find out.

Armed with nothing more than my a blade and my womanly wiles, I made my way to his office taking slow, calculated steps. With every movement of my body, I scrambled to find the courage to do what seemed necessary. I had never been much on actress; I knew nothing of being seductive nor did I think I had the stomach to play a role that was utterly wrong according to my moral compass.

The only thing that worked in my favor was perhaps my determination and willingness not to fail. I would not let Giovanni down. So, no matter how much it pained me to even conspire to lead someone-- who was by all accounts, a decent man on, I had to fix my thoughts on what ultimately was the desired result.

The world around seemed smaller the harder I thought about things and the longer I walked; it became like looking through the eye of a needle. Everything seemed to be in almost perfect focus: from the smooth finish of the cold dark tiles under my feet to the pulsing glow of the oil lanterns sparsely hanging on the walls of the hall. Even the encroaching sense of uneasinees seemed like a greater weight in the air now.

I could see every woodgrain in the mahogany door; see every dent and stratch in the gold paint on the door handle. I felt the muscles flex in my arm and I raised it to the handle. I marvelled at how cool the metal always seemed to be and gave it a turn.

The door swung open very quietly as I pushed. Antonio's chair was facing away from me but, I knew that given his heightened senses, he was aware of my presence. He could hear every step I took in his direction.

"Teryn. I would recognize the sound of your heart anywhere. What a pleasant surprise it is to see you here." He spoke, slowly turning around in the large armchair to face me. "Pleasant but not wise, I am afraid."

"And why do you think such an action lacks wisdom?" I slinked across the room, feeling more uncomfortable with every step but continuing nonetheless.

The vampire looked frustrated. A stack of files from a manila folder had been thrown out haphazardly across his desk along with his black suit coat folded across one of the edges of it. His long brown hair lay unbound across his shoulders and two of the top buttons of his forest green dress shirt were undone-- leaving the skin on his chest, a shade of brown like the palest cup of coffee, exposed.

His dark brows were furrowed together as he tried to look at me pleasantly, brown eyes observing me warily. "Well because although you may not have noticed, little bird, my employer has installed security cameras in nearly everyone of the rooms within this building." The vampire didn't point to any particular area in the room and I knew better than to look for the devices in question. Instead, I let him continue.

"He seems to think that he can smell a 'rat' within our midst. If you meant to keep our meetings a secret, I suggest that you leave now. Armand will receive visuals from this recording but no audio. I can guarantee nothing else."

Cameras.... Somehow I knew that it would escalate to this.

Armand was no fool and he must certainly know his species well-- let alone other men. There was no reason for a vampire to simply pay for the services of a would-be sex slave like myself without intending on actually capitalizing on those available services.

The risk to Antonio's safety, now that I knew for sure that at least someone was suspicious of Giovanni and I, was even greater now and that eased my anxiety to some extent. If I was going to make it seem as though Antonio had only been an oblivious pawn in my little game, then what better time to do it than this, when I had an audience.

"And what makes you think that I'm afraid of being caught, Antonio?" I baited him, as I came to stand behind his desk and in front of his legs. My fingertips danced along the smooth wood just inches away.

"Well, why on earth would you wish to be found out, little bird. Have you not have had enough of being punished? Or do you want more?" His gentle voice was increasing in volume and intensity as he vented, his eyes widening. "Because I can see to it if that is what you wish. I can have Marcus brought in right now. Do you believe because you have survived this long that suddenly you're invincible?!"

For the first time, I saw his concern for me in a different light. My situation frustrated him-- and my lack of self preservation frustrated him even more so. If he only knew how I planned to repay him for all that concern...

Antonio continued to bellow, the knuckles of his hands made bone white by how tightly he gripped the arms of his chair. "I have even less power than you think, Teryn. You need to leave before it is too late for me to help you."

I made no attempt to answer him. Instead, I hiked the bottom of the sack cloth dress up around my thighs and mounted his lap, careful to cover the slight bulge where the cold silver was concealed under the fabric.

Those chocolate brown eyes nearly burst out of their sockets as Antonio watched me. He looked genuinely taken aback by my actions.

"Good, " I thought to myself. The more surprised he appeared the more believable this performance would be.

The vamp

my life and I don't want to endanger yours. I'm sorry for this, " I told him, pulling away to press a tender kiss to his forehead and as quickly as I could manage, I pulled the blade from his throat and stabbed it, with as much force as I could muster, through the both the cloth that I had been fisting in my hand and the chair behind it.

I was careful not to catch any of his flesh with it. I merely wanted to pin him there and since the weapon was silver, I knew that his first instinct what not be to try and remove the blade himself. That would give me enough time to run without the fear of immediate pursuit. And I did just that....

I climbed off of his lap and I ran. I did not stop to see the look of shock that must have been on his face. Nor did I not stop when I heard him calling out my name. I bolted out of his office and down the hall and prayed that Antonio would not follow.

In all honesty, my little trick hadn't really slowed him down. All he needed to do was rip himself free of the fabric.

It would have been smarter to pin him to the chair by his actual shoulder itself but hurting him was more than I could live with. So I simply hoped that he trusted me enough to let me go.

I didn't look behind me until I was clear of the hallway and into the make shift bedroom. There I found it eerily empty. It was still well into the evening but to my knowledge, no girls other than myself had appointments at night so I found that to be strange.

But there was no time to ponder that with any intensity. I was reminded of the cameras before I made another move and I began scanning the room, searching the walls and the ceiling for things that I could readily identify as security cameras but, was unable to find any.

There was a possibility that they were very expertly concealed but for some reason, I wasn't entirely convinced of that. If I knew anything of Marcus' and Armand's arrogance, it meant that they weren't afraid of us humans. They be suspicious of mine and a Giovanni's partnership but I was certain that it had more to do with the vampire than it did with me. They were convinced that humans had no power, so they wouldn't think to monitor us. And that would be their greatest mistake; I would show them that much.

I raced over to my bed, scrambling with the sheets to expose the partially concealed compartment in the mattress that I'd dug out the last time I had something to keep a secret.

I pulled away all the stuffing and shoved the folder in, refilling the space around it. Once the brown sheets were re-positioned over the hole, I managed to get my breathing in check again.

I plopped down on the mattress, finally allowing myself to think past the overwhelming, animalistic need to survive.

Finally, I had done all that Giovanni had asked of me. He would have the information he needed from me whenever I saw him again. The relief at knowing that was indescribable.

I felt feeling and emotion beginning to return to me; it was like my humanity was just seeping back into my bones and I was almost painfully aware of myself again--painfully, in the most literal sense.

Suddenly I was aware of the pain in my body: the aching of the wounds on back, the fatigue in my joints and the weariness in my head and in my heart all came crashing down on me at once.

I felt the familiar stinging at the corner of my eyes again and I knew that I was close to tears. But before I could succumb to the overwhelming influx of such intense emotions, something was shoved over my head and covered my eyes. It instantly became like looking through a dirty film and before I could up much of a struggle, whatever it was that was covering my face, was tightened around the base of my chin.

Arms like steel bands wrapped themselves around my torso and Marcus' voice whispered close to my ear "Lets make a deal.."

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