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I hadn't realized that I had fallen asleep in Giovanni's arm until the banging on the other side of the door woke me.

"Time, Mr Grey, " a man yelled from the other side of the mahogany. I blinked rapidly to refocus my vision.

"Ah yes, " Giovanni stirred beneath me. The vampire's body lay prostrate against the silk sheets with me draped across his chest. His arms squeezed my waist momentarily before releasing me so that I could sit up.

"We are still bound to a certain time constraint love, even with this new agreement. It is a shame." Reaching out, he brushed a few stray curls away from my eyes.

"I enjoy spending time with you, Teryn." The Italian accent made my name a sensuous whisper on his lips and my pulse sped up.

I stared down at the god-like creature laying beside me: his blonde hair splayed out like thousands of fine, gold threads against the black sheets. Every curve and divet of his cherubic face seemed to be torn from the pages of every woman's most lascivious fantasies and his drowning blue eyes pierced me through right to my very soul.

I felt the lust welling up inside me like some tremendous wave then; a monsoon of feelings and emotions that were more than just solely sexual in nature. The nagging tension between us was there again, and I felt it as strongly as I had the first moment that I met him.

I needed him like I needed air to breathe. I wanted to touch him and be touched by him. I wanted the warmth of his embrace; the strange heat from his cool skin and to hear my name fall from his lips like some feverent prayer.

Giovanni reached out and caressed my cheek, the pad of his thumb skating across my bottom lip once. "So strange, " he whispered as he leaned in to me. "So strange that I should become so attached; that I should becoming so willing to forsake all others and every other desire for this..." The hand on my cheek gently moved down the column of my throat, leaving a trail of warmth in its wake.

"For just the feel of your skin.." he continued, his voice nearly a whisper.

"To inhale your scent if only for a fleeting moment." Giovanni leaned into skim the tip of nose along my throat where his hand had once been.

It was like sensory overload: the gentle caress of his strong hands that now kneaded the skin of my waist; his cool breath raising goosebumps as it whispered against my heated flesh and the sensual sound of his voice thick with that Italian accent as he spoke the things to me that I only secretly hoped he might one day say to me. He was close-- in every possible way that I could hope. I could feel him closer to me both physically and mentally from the connotation of his words. I wanted this man and in this moment, as my mind drifted further out to sea on the tide of some great elation I felt, that I had finally come to terms with my feelings.

I was falling for this beautiful man: falling over a treacherous cliff and into an unknown abyss because I barely knew him. Yet, intrinsically; instinctually I felt that I did. I had never known a man's touch but I knew without even a morsel of prior experience that what I felt with him, was the way that it should be. Men rarely paid me any attention before I met Giovanni but I was convinced that the way he gazed at me, with such unfounded wonder and amazement was the way that I wanted to be looked at.

I saw it then with stark clarity; admist the intoxication I felt in my mind from both the magnitude of these feelings and from his touch: His soul was my soul and mine was his.

He was mine.

It was as simple and plain as that, yet it meant so much more than those words could ever fully describe.

I watched him lean in closer to me, his clear blue eyes now turned to drowning pools of sapphire as he looked at me. "I would give everything, forsake anything, for merely the taste of your lips."

I found myself leaning into him too. Inwardly, I was rejoicing for this. This was what I had wanted all along, wasn't it?

Yet suddenly the feeling was bittersweet; my momentary excitement trampled when a memory from the first moment we had met resurfaced in my mind.

I remember his words as clearly as if he had just spoken them to me because they nagged at the back of my subconscious relentlessly whenever I thought of this man.

"I happen to be in a very committed relationship for that matter."

Those words were the reason I chose to suppress these feelings. He belonged to someone else. We could not be what I hoped we would be if someone else held his heart.

Although I refused to be that girl-- the girl who chose to be with a man in spite of the fact that he was with another, even if I allowed this happen; if I accepted what he seemed to be offering me, I would never truly be his and he would be never really be mine. I would only ever be a side piece; a second hand, second best accessory to this blonde god in comparison to whatever woman he had waiting for him back home.

So with great and painful reluctance, I stopped his advance with a hand on his chest. "We shouldn't, " I managed to say. There was the familiar stinging at the corner of my eyes-- I was on the verge of tearing up. "You're with someone else.."

His larger frame froze against my hand and under the force of my words. He turned away from me. "Of course. How... careless of me to forget."

His tone was sour and I immediately regretted the decision to stop him. I wanted to pull him back to me and re-initiate what had almost happened between us but


The hand on my arm moved to neck and used the grip on my throat to raise my off the ground. "We do not know where he went with her. But I know that you are involved. I know that your Mr. Grey is involved. "

"If you're so..sure of yourself, then kill me...Kill him." I sputtered, clawing at his hand on my neck. "What are you waiting for?"

"Well I can not out right kill him. That is against our laws. Murder is to us, as heinous an act as murder is to you and your kind.

I also, can not kill you. No, no, no. You are far too valuable for that. But a lesson in manners, that can easily be arranged."

My eyes widened at.

"You see, you my dear, " Armand said with a sigh. He lowered the arm that held tightly onto my throat until it hung nearly to his side and began pulling me along with him with my feet dragging against the concrete. "More than any of my other assets, " he continued."You to seem to have neglected to understand your place in this world. You have failed to grasp the concept of subordination and you have failed to understand who I am!"

Armand continued pulling me along, and my feet scraped against the floor as the friction between my skin and the abrasive concrete increased as his pace quickened. I couldn't see much of where we were going. My vision was fading as I was barely able to get in enough oxygen because his grip restricted my breathing.

Of course, Armand didn't seem to care about that, he just continued ranting. "I am not the one you should seek to trifle with!! Not if you value your well being and your sanity. But since that fact seems to have not yet taken root in your fragile, little mine, I am forced to show you."

And with that, his strides came to a halt and I was unaware that a door had been opened until I was being thrown through the open space and into the black abyss behind it. I fell harshly onto the ground on my back-- only able to see Armand standing in the doorway and framed, by the dim light from the hallway.

"You will learn." he assured me, his hand on the door handle. I scrambled to my feet and ran for the door, trying but failing, to grab onto it before it was slammed shut in my face.

"No!" I screamed, banging on the cold wood with both fists. "You can't leave me here!"

There was nothing but darkness around me and suddenly the room became more cramped the longer I stared at the space around me. The hyperventilating started. There was something about this room and the ominous feeling that hung in the dust-filled air around me. Something was wrong about this place.

I didn't exactly know what, but I had to get out of here. I clawed at the door, twisting the door handle angrily although it was obviously locked from the outside. Soon my turning of the door handle turned into me frantically kicking the door in between wordless screamed.

"It is useless. I am certain you have figured that out by now, " came a voice, thick with a French accent, from behind me. I squealed, nearly jumping out of my skin. There was flash of orange light behind me and a cold hand gripped my shoulder.

"Where ever did Armand find you? What a lovely sight you are.." the male voice spoke again and whoever stood behind me pulled another hand around my body. It circled my waist and hovered with the palm facing upward, in the air.

My heart sunk nearly into my toes when I saw the flickering ember in the center of his palm. It reminded me of the fire that Giovanni had the ability to generate.

"His description of you has done you no justice, but I think, " the man whispered in my left ear. "That you and I are going to have a great deal of fun here, la fillette. "

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