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   Chapter 14 13.

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"We..apologize for the inconvenience Mr. Grey but the lovely.. Teryn isn't feeling herself today." Johnathon tried to explain as my fist closed around his throat.

That was the same thing he had been saying since I arrived here-- that she was not well, but I didn't believe him. He was lying, the stench of it rolled off his skin in waves.

"What happened to her?" I growled, shoving the weaker man against the nearest wall in the bedroom where I normally met Teryn. I could smell her delicate fragrance on his skin; he had been near her.

"She has... fallen ill." A strange smile stretched across his face and my grip tightened. "Can I of-fer you.. anyone else?"

My vision began to cloud with my own anger. Something had happened, something far worse than just an illness. I could feel it in my bones.

Yet, underneath the anger was the panic. I had never put into perspective how dangerous of a situation I had put Teryn in when I presented my terms to her. She seemed so confident and strong; I believed that she might be able to survive this place almost as strongly as she did but that was a foolish assumption to make.

Berthold was right-- I did not know these men. I had no clue what they did to girls here and I would never forgive myself if something happened to her because of my involvement with her.

"We had an agreement Johnathon. It was only to be her. I do not want another human!"

"Well that is the-- issue with reserving commodities that are in.. such high demand... You can never.. truly.. be certain.. of their.. avail-a-bility." The shorter man was struggling to get enough air into his dead lungs. He was a vampire, he did not need to breathe per se but the lack of oxygen would begin to feel uncomfortable for him and he would need the air to articulate complete sentences.

"Why are you lying to me?" I managed to ask in a lower tone.

Suddenly the man bursts into a fit of giggles, small laugh lines forming at the corners of his brown eyes and it startled me for a moment. "Why would I.. ever think to do.. such a thing... Mr, Grey?" He answered between breaths of manic laughter.

The sound of his laughter pushed the fire, the raging heat of pure anger out of my chest, and down into my hands. I welcomed the familiar calmness that washed over me. It was the calm I felt before the battle; the calm that made me more dangerous to prey than if I had been consumed with mine own rage.

My body and mind falling into a state of relaxed, hyper-awareness as I focused on my target before me. The fire, that burning anger had moves into the tips of my fingers and I knew what I could do with it.

The familiar heat spread out from the tips of my fingers, gradually increasing in intensity with each agonizingly painful thought of how Teryn might be hurt at this moment.

This heat was real. I knew it and I could see that Johnathon was beginning to understand it too. His brown eyes darting wildly from side to side and I could smell the unnatural scent of his skin searing beneath my fingers.

Nothing bothered me about using this gift on others as much as the smell did. Not watching their skin crumble and mottle like ancient paper or their pain filled cries; just that smell of burnt skin and flesh.

I felt even less...human than I really was. Human was the only word I could think to describe the man that I wanted to be. I did not necessarily want to be human in fundamental sense: I was not very fond of their fragility and after four hundred years of being what you have always been, you come to accept that. All I truly wanted was to be something like them. Someone with good judgement, wisdom and the capacity for restraint and mercy.

To the best of my ability, I fought the beast inside me; I fought to remain in control.

I did not want to be the monster that people believed our kind inherently should be but watching Johnathon squirm and whimper underneath me grasp, I knew that I was willing to embrace that part of me if it meant defending Teryn.

His alabaster skin was blistering and darkening as the flames from my hands spread out. For once, he had the sense to not look so arrogantly manic. The sickly sweet aroma of his usual insanity was replaced by emotional signature of pure fear. I knew that he could see in my face, in my eyes, how easily it would be for me to snuff out his life.

"Please, " he croaked as the skin above his collarbone and under his chin began to catch fire.

It was my turn to smile, the corners of my mouth curving upward in a gruesome manner. I was well beyond mercy at this point.

"I have never met a mad vampire before but I can smell it on you, Johnathon: the hysteria. It smells of death and rancid sweets. Tell me, how long has it been since sanity left you? I'm tempted to knock your head against a few things to see if I'll hear what is left of your brain rolling around inside. Or are you hollow in there? Perhaps we should do less speculating and more of a trial and error process."

I increased the pressure at the base of his jaw, sending the heat upwards toward his face. All the skin underneath my hand, just above his shoulders that were visible through his open dress shirt, was now a raw, blistering mess. Dark veins stood up around his eyes beneath his alabaster skin as he struggled to rein in his cries of pain and protest. I focused on controlling the heat, slowing the pace of the fiery waves that climbed down his chest and encouraging the ones that inched up his charred throat.

"Maybe, " I whispered, with a grin equally as sadistic as the one he had worn just moments before. "I'll pop your sk


I wanted very badly to get Teryn out of this place- that need even stronger than the compassion I felt for the chestnut haired girl but even I could see how difficult that would be, given that she was under constant supervision of the men here.

And yet she was not even awake to know that I finally agreed to give her what she wanted.

"I will be back next week, " I assured Melanie and leaned in to press a kiss to Teryn's cool cheek.

"I'll look after her as best I can. She'll be here when you get back, regardless of what state she might be in." There was a firmness to her voice that I had never heard before, her shoulders rigid with her resolve. Teryn's pain seemed to have benefited her in a strange way. Dealing with Teryn's condition seemed to have put everything in perspective for Melanie. She seemed stronger somehow- more aware that her own survival was hinged on her own sense of will. I struggled with trying to reconcile how I felt about the change in her, given the circumstances that had brought it on.

I nodded my silent approval and hurried out of the building, dragging my seething rage with me through the halls. I climbed into the waiting vehicle without so much as a word to Berthold.

"How was it?" he asked, fishing for details when I didn't bother to offer them up myself.

I heard him, I was aware that he was asking a question but my mind could not focus enough to answer him. My thoughts were racing, churning like the engine of the vehicle we sat in as we bounded down the freeway. I was doing this for Christa. I was enduring these vile creatures and their idea of conditioning to avenge her death and honor her memory but without Teryn, it all seemed pointless. There was no more drive to continue this mission. I wanted her to be alive, conscious and skeptical with those intelligent, golden eyes more than I wanted to give these men what they deserved. I wanted that more than I wanted anything.

"Giovanni!" Berthold shouted from the driver's seat, breaking my train of thought.

"What, " I growled in his direction.

"Are you alright? Is she alright?" Concern colored his voice, coated his German lilt.

"She is unconscious. They beat her. Beat her half to death. " I managed to utter the painful words and the anger resurfaced again.

The car lurched to a stop as Berthold slammed the brakes in the middle of the busy street. Angry car horns blared behind us. "What? What are you going to do?"

"I do not know, " I murmured. What could I do? I wanted to turn back and exact my burning anger against them- to make real the fantasies in my own head. I could feel their blood on my bare hands and see the mangled corpses as the visions danced behind my wide eyes.

But what good would that do? If I killed them all--and I did not doubt that I could do just that. I had centuries' worth of skill and most importantly, patience for it -- it would do nothing to bring her back to her normal self. There was no room to be impulsive and irrational right now.

"I don't know how to make her better but there is one thing I can do for her and I will need your help to do it, my friend."

"Of course, " he replied, restarting the engine. "But I have other news for you. Something Thomas brought to my attention while you were inside."

Ravoyka's empty plains rolled past outside the fogged window, illuminated only by the light of the moon. The land was barren, devoid of movement and life and new growth.Just dry grass and earth as far as the eye could see. It was an accurate representation of how I felt.

It was strange to feel this empty but if the absence did nothing else, it cleared my mind and allowed me to focus on the plan that was sprouting in the back of my mind. "Tell me."

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