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   Chapter 9 8.

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"Their names are Vladimir and Kristoff and they were a-maz-ing, " the blonde girl gushed. She was practically drooling at the memory of her time with the two blond vampires a few hours before.

We lay, all eleven of us on our beds, staring up at the dark ceiling above and reflecting on what had happened during the day.

I crossed my ankles on my lumpy mattress with Melanie's head on my stomach, her arms tight around my waist. She had pounced on me when I'd returned after Giovanni left, trying to be angry with me but only managing to let out another waterfall of tears. She was so incredibly fragile, it made me wonder what she's been exposed to before this. Either her family had sheltered her or life had been far more cruel to her than it had been for me.

I let her sleep with me for a while after she concocted some excuse about the mattress being too uncomfortable for her. I didn't buy it. I knew in truth, that she didn't want to be alone.

I'm not entirely sure I would have allowed this arrangement with anyone else but somehow this tiny girl seemed to be the exception to everything; the sibling that I'd always secretly wished that I'd had. I ran my hands through her silky hair, listening to the conversations going on around me.

"I've never been with a man who was that talented with his mouth; let alone two of them, " the blonde continued, her eyes glazed over. The girl with the dark hair didn't appear to be paying much attention. She had a disgusted look on her face as she sat upright, staring down at her knotted fingers.

"That's nice, " she murmured in a voice that was even softer than Melanie's.

"What's your name?" I asked her and the blonde girl shot me a dark look, irritated that I had disrupted her gloating.

The girl looked at me, her grey eyes wide as if she wasn't used to anyone speaking to her rather than at her. I tried to give her a polite smile, maintaining eye contact with her so as to make it clear that I was really interested in hearing her answer.

"Bailey, " she mumbled.

"Are you alright, Bailey?"

She opened her mouth as if prepared to speak and then closed it, tears welling at the corner of her eyes. "I can't do this, " she whispered, her voice drenched with anguish.

I sat up, re-positioning Melanie so that her head rested in my lap and made space for her on the bed.

In the gentlest voice that I could manage, I asked "Did he hurt you?"

She accepted the unspoken invitation and came to sit beside me on my bed. "He..he didn't want sex; not yet but he..he fed from me."The girl kept stuttering, her voice shaking nearly as violently as her shoulders were. I followed her eyes down to the large bruises forming on her pale forearms. They were turning a deep red, possibly purple in the coming hours and one was the perfect imprint of a large hand, inclusive of each individual finger. I brushed my hand against her slender throat, turning her head so that I could see the mark he'd left. There were four puncture wounds- two small holes on each side. It looked painful, the skin around the wounds was red and bruised as if he hadn't bothered to be gentle, even in the slightest with her.

My mind flashed back to the other girls' deaths and the night that Maple died. I remembered the way the monster reared back before each strike- like a snake. I remembered the agony plastered onto their faces as he bit down. I didn't understand why there was even a need to be so violent with this girl and with all the other girls before her. It wasn't possible for us to escape these creature anyway. It was as if they wanted to feel and smell our fear as much as they wanted the blood itself.

Looking at the wound on this girl's throat, I could understand why it seemed to hurt so much. These vampires had not two, but four individual fangs-- one complete pair of elongated canines on each side of the their jaw. I didn't remember seeing Giovanni's fangs when he smiled at me. Maybe they were retractable.

"He promised he'd come back to spend time with me but I don't want him to hurt me anymore." She sobbed.

"Then we'll find a way to make sure that he doesn't." The words fell from my lips before I could think about what they meant and a part of me immediately regretted it. I felt like I was selling a dream; making a promise to her that I wasn't a hundred percent sure I could keep.

I could tell that she was less inclined to take my statement to heart too but there was hope in those grey eyes of hers.

"What, " she replied, wiping away her tears. "..You're gonna protect me too? Like do with her?" She gestured toward Melanie's head on my lap.

"She can't promise you that, " the blonde girl interjected. She stood up from

foolish girl-- far too feisty for your own good but its attractive. I like your kind with a little fire." His mouth inched closer to my jugular and my pulse sped up.

Was this the moment; was this really the end?

"Makes the blood all the more sweeter, " he cooed. His head reared back, angled for the strike.

"You can't, " I whispered, gripping a handful of his dark hair and pulling sharply. He hissed at me, his fingers digging into my skin to the point of pain. I could see in his wild eyes that he really could do it; he really could kill me right now.

My thoughts flickered to Giovanni for a moment. If I died here now, would he want to know how it had happened? It was silly to think that a total stranger; a vampire, would be concerned with the death of a stranger but a part of me hoped he would.

"You can't kill me." I finished, clearing my throat." You need me; you need all of us for whatever business you seem to be running here."

"You think I can't replace you? I could find a hundred girls just like you." he spat.

"But you won't, " I pulled his hair again. "I know you won't hurt me. I'm different; special. You don't want to have to replace all of us and if you were smart, you'd take care of your assets."

He yanked my hand away from his hair. "What are you talking about?"

"One of the girls, Bailey with the black hair-- that asshole you that gave her to hurt her. Her arms are covered in bruises."

"And?" he retorted, smirking.

"You should do a better job of keeping us safe if you want to retain customers."

"Quite the humanitarian aren't you?" he said mockingly, playing with a few of my curls. "You think a couple of bruises will turn my kind off? We've never cared much for pretty packaging. "

"I'm just speaking from a place where both our best interests are kept at the forefront. I'd hate to see your business suffer because of a little carelessness on your part."

His hand was at my throat in the blink of an eye and he lifted me off my feet, slamming me up against the tiled wall behind me. A throbbing pain started in the center of my back where it collided with the concrete beneath. "Listen to me girl, " he growled through gritted teeth. "You and all your kind are bags of blood; worthless, weak creatures and nothing more than dust beneath our fingernails. We are not equals. You are in no position to make demands of me!"

His grip on my throat was constricting my breathing and all I could manage to say was "Please."

His eyes softened fractionally and then his hand fell away from my neck. I fell to the ground at his feet, gasping for air.

"What is your name, girl?" he asked. I could feel his eyes on me but I stared down at the tiles.

"Teryn, " I choked out.

"My name is Marcus, " he declared. "You will have what you ask, but there will a be a cost."

The toe of his boot connected swiftly with my side and I fell over with a cry of pain.

"And don't you ever speak to me in such a manner again."

I clutched onto my side, fighting the tears that stung at the corner of my eyes and listened to the sound of his footsteps fading off into the distance.

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