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   Chapter 8 7.

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"You need.. my help?" I asked, bemused. I blinked. He stood so close to me and from this distance, he was ten times more beautiful than when he'd first step into the room.

My eyes wandered over his frame again. He was a tall man; well over six feet and more lovely than I could put into words. It was like someone had breathed life into a statue of a Greek god.

Thick, long blond hair flowed unbound from the crown of his head to rest on shoulders and I had an unshakable desire to reach out and run my hands through it. His entire body seemed to be one long line of lean muscle: from broad shoulders to a wide muscled chest flowing down to a slightly thinner waist and long legs, all covered in a beautiful suit that molded to his frame like a second skin. The rich black of his coat and dress shirt paired with the bold crimson of his tie contrasted artfully with his smooth alabaster skin.

The features of his face: his sharp nose and chiseled jaw looked like marble, sculpted by an experienced hand rather than merely the product of good genes. Yet still, the single most captivating part of all his beauty were his eyes.

There, sitting admist all that perfection, under perfectly arched eyebrows and a curtian of black lashes were two gleaming orbs the deep cobalt color of the Mediterranean sea. They darted over my face, searching intelligently for some emotion and gazing at me with interest. It felt like he was trying to peer into my soul.

I felt self conscious under his intense gaze; even more so that I usually am. Where his cool hands touched my skin, I was surprised to feel only a buzzing warmth.

"Yes, " he answered again in that velvety smooth, deep baritone with an arrogant smirk gracing his full lips as he watched me gawk at him.

I clamped my jaw shut; I hadn't realized it had been hanging open until now. Backing away from him, I sat down on the bed, not wanting to take my eyes off of him. I believed what I'd said to that blonde tramp before. This man was beautiful, the most beautiful man, or living thing for that matter, that I had ever seen but I knew he was just like our captors. He was a monster too; a vampire.

Although this man seemed nice enough, I wasn't entirely sure that I could trust him. He followed me and sat on the bed only a few inches from me, his blue eyes locked onto mine.

I scooted back until my back hit one of the metal posts of the bed frame. His proximity made me uncomfortable not just because I was unsure of him but because I had a pressing need building within me to reach out to him--to be closer to him. It was like the force of attraction between two magnets. My skin felt like one impossibly long sensory organ, craving simulation that somehow, I knew only contact with this unfamiliar man's skin would bring. The need was irrational. Why did I feel the need to be so close to someone who was a total stranger?

"I'm not going to hurt you, " he murmured in a low voice, looking somewhat disgruntled that I'd moved away from him. I could hear an accent that seemed distinctly Italian; the smooth sound of his voice doing strange things to parts low on my body. Some part of me rejoiced at the melodious sound coming from his lips and my temper from just moments before completely evaporated.

"I can't be sure of that, " I told him.

"I swear it to you. I don't wish to cause you pain, only.." he paused mid-sentence and smirked, shaking his head as if to dispel the thought that had been forming in his mind.

"I don't want your blood nor do I want to bed you. I..I happen to be in a very committed relationship for that matter. All I require from you is reconnaissance. "

"You don't want to sleep with me or drink from me but you want me to be your spy?" I crossed my arms over my chest, waiting for him to admit that he was yanking my chain.

His eyes followed my arms and lingered there for a moment before they returned to my face. "More or less."

I just stared at him, still in disbelief.

When he realized that I wasn't going to speak again he continued. "You said you didn't have a choice in coming to this place, what did you mean?"

"I was brought here and I didn't have any choice in the matter, " I murmured looking down and trying very hard not to be harsh with him.

As much as I hated being here, and being passed around to a strange man and quite possibly, men in the future, I had no right to snap at him. He was being relatively civil with me and appeared determined to gain my 'reconnaissance' as he put it.

"That's not possible." He looked confused, his brows knitting together.

"Don't tell me you've never heard of kidnapping, " I chided, exasperated.

He cast a petulant glare at me at my comment. "Of course I have, but that's not the way it works here.

I'm assuming you know what I am; what we are, yes?

The 'we' must be the inclusion of the other men that

th what he paid for. He didn't need me here anymore; I'd already agreed to do the one thing he seemed to really want from me.

He grabbed my wrist before I had moved my feet in the intended direction.

"Don't be angry with yourself. Such a reaction is only natural."

I nodded, my teeth grinding against each other. I refused to look at him. I didn't want to feel as helpless as I felt when I saw his lovely face.

"Look at me, " he pleaded, pulling me by the wrist so that my back pressed against his front. "Please."

I turned to him but kept my eyes on his muscled chest, covered in the fabric of his suit.

He spoke again with sincerity ringing in his perfect voice.

"I should not have behaved that way with you. It was unfair to force a decision out of you under such coercion. I'm sorry." He slid his hand down the wrist that he still held and intertwined our fingers, his larger hand cocooning mine.

I nodded, concentrating on the black carpet rather the warmth that radiated throughout my arm at his touch. Every time his skin touched mine it felt as though I lost a little piece of my will. Coercion was an understatement for what he'd done. If he had held me there, against that wall for a moment longer, with nothing to do but concentrate on this irrational desire I had for him, I'm sure I would have melted into a puddle on the carpet.

"Then will you help me Teryn?" he asked, his thumb brushing against the back of my hand.

I was tempted to look up at him then, surprised that he was giving me the opportunity to decide without his help. Although, his hand around mine wasn't doing much as far as helping me keep my head clear was concerned.

"I said that I would, didn't I?" I wasn't going to back out just because I felt like I had been taken advantage of. I never went back on my word.

"Thank you." His fingers slipped under my chin, coaxing me gently to look up at him. His deep blue eyes had lightened to a bright, corn flower blue and he gave me a dazzling smile, raising our intertwined hands so that he could press a kiss to my knuckles.

"You are mine, " he proclaimed, and for a moment I forgot that this was in the context of my agreement to act as his informant.

"I will make arrangements so that you are given to no other man but me. I will visit you on a weekly basis and then you can report to me but there is no pressure, Teryn. You are free to take as much time as you to need to acquire any knowlegde that you can. I can be a very patient man when I need to be."

I nodded, letting him know that I understood his terms and he let go of my fingers. His shoes padded across the plush carpet as he headed toward the door and finally, my lungs felt that it was safe to resume breathing.

"And Teryn, " he called from the door, the sound of his voice causing my body to turn automatically in response. "They will call me Leonard and in their presence you must do the same.

But when it is just you and I, you may call me Giovanni.

That is my true name."

I nodded. The way he said it made it sound as though this privilege was something top secret and I couldn't help at smile at his hushed toned.

His answering grin made my heart flutter and I watched him disappear through the mahogany door.

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