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All the eyes in the entire room bore into me but I couldn't look away from the girl on the other side of the mirror. A strange feeling of familiarity came over me the longer I stared. I felt as though my soul knew her even though I had never laid eyes upon her before this.

She was staring at the glass in my direction but her angelic face bore a look of uneasiness. She glared up at the man beside her for a moment, who most definitely was a vampire, with a look of contempt. I could see that his hand was behind her back, just above her waist and that made me....angry for some odd reason. Why was he touching her?

"Are you certain, sir? Have you had enough time to observe the other girls?" From the corner of my eye, I could see the host looking at me with confusion.

"I'm certain. I want her, " I responded, unmoving.

I was sure. The part of me with the least humanity, my more priminitive man who lurked within the shadows of my subconscious, screamed to me that I wanted this woman. I wanted to caress her skin and drink in the scent of her. I wanted to wrap myself in her warmth; to feel her beneath me with nothing between us and to listen to her cry out but never with pain-- purely with pleasure. I wanted to possess her and to give myself to her. I wanted her to be mine.

My head swam with the need to fulfil these desires but I had to remind myself that this was not what I came here to do.

The host nodded and spoke to the other men in the room, " Are you gentlemen ready to choose?"

Vaguely I could hear their responses and their questions about the girls as they made their decision. The tone of their voice was nonchalant; like they were choosing a bottle wine rather than a living being. I could hear every word but my mind did not register what was actually being said. My thoughts, my senses, everything-- everything was centered around this fragile human girl for the moment.

I watched the wary look in her eyes as they darted about the blindingly white room and took notice of the occasional glances of concern that she directed toward the tiny human girl beside her. She seemed to care for this girl and I wanted to know why.

I wanted to know why she was here.

It was a rule of thumb regarding the humans that worked in these brothels, that they must have been persuaded to come to our world. If they were forced-- brought here without their express consent, the trade was illegal and anyone who had advertised, sold and/or bought their services, were subject to a trial before the council to determine a punsishment. There was no way to get around that.

Our kind had chosen many centuries ago to live separate from them but whether you sought a human out in a brothel or found one in the human world who willingly agreed to be your donor, we needed their blood. We had embraced a modern mode of socialization and therefore, a human could never be forced to enter our world under no circumstances.

As a result, any relationship a vampire had with a human in this realm was one of symbiosis. In some cases, the relationship being the two became just that, a relationship; progressing beyond the point of a business agreement to where mutual emotions were shared.

The vampire protected, housed and made sure all the other needs of the humam were met; he or she would want for nothing. In return the human provided sustenance and sometimes sex, depending on the vampire.

Sex...I rolled the word around in my mind. I never understood why a vampire would go out of his or her way to be intimate with a human before. But staring at this woman now, and imagining how exceptionally soft her skin must be, I was suddenly curious about the experience. I pushed the thought away as soon as it sprouted. That wasn't why I came here. There was no room for distractions.

Still, I couldn't move past the fact that something about her seemed different from the other girls. There was an innocence that I could feel radiating off of her, even from this distance. The vampire had said that all of the girls except a blond were virgins and for that reason, a part of me wanted to justify it as anxiety.

For a human I suppose this is hardly the most ideal place and circumstance to be intimate with anyone for the first time. Their kind, especially their women, do tend crave romance and passion more than we did after all.

Yet that didn't seem to totally explain it. I couldn't precisely smell her from this distance; at least not enough to distinguish between the emotions she might be feeling.

Most vampires can smell fear but I was able to distinguish between the distinct scents of even more emotions than that. More aptly put, I could smell the aura or the essence of the individual as if it had its own true aroma. It was one of my many gifts and of course, it worked much better on vampires since my mind was similiar in ca

looked at me with astonishment in those eyes, her cute little mouth shaped into a small 'o' as she stared at me.

I cringed at the thought; cute-- such a human word, what was I turning into to?

She composed herself quickly, a stoic expression falling on her delicate features, making her look much older. She plopped down on the edge of the mattress. I watched the bottom of the dress ride up her thighs, entranced by the sight of such smooth skin. She followed my eyes and scowled, folding her arms under her full chest.

"Yes, I would prefer to do this on the bed. Thank you for the consideration, " I said sarcastically.

"I don't care what you prefer. I'm not a whore. I'm sure you paid those freaks a lot of money so you have to understand that I mean it when I say that I'm sorry to disapoint, but I'm not sleeping with you, " she replied, the resolve dripping from her beautiful voice.

I couldn't help but smile at her defiance. There was a fire in her and I realized that I liked that more than I thought I should.

"You wouldn't be the first whore to deny being one."

"You say that as if I had a choice in all this; as if I wanted to be here, " she spat. Immediately I regretted that comment. She was pissed and.... I didn't like her being angry with me. Why did I suddenly care what a human girl thought?

"You didn't have a choice?" If she didn't, the men here were violating our scared laws.

She sighed, her anger squashed by my concern. Ignoring my question entirely, she stared down at her feet dangling off the side of the mattress. "Then do you have a preference; a particular spot on the body that you like to drink from? Are you a wrist guy or throat kind of guy?"

She seemed more willingly to offer her blood than her body and that intrigued me. Why was her virture more important to her than her blood-- the very essence of her fragile, human life?

And yes, I wanted her blood; my gums hurt with the strain of self control. But I realized quickly that I didn't want to hurt her. The sadness in her lovely eyes helped to fuel that realization.

"I don't want your blood, " I told her, lowering my voice in an attempt to soothe her.

She looked up at me, her eyes searching for something in my face, some hint of dishonesty. Her dark brows knitted together in confusion. "Then what do you want?" she demanded, her voice rising as she got to her feet. "Who comes to a brothel-- who pays for a girl who they want nothing from?"

I stepped to her, taking hold of her upper arms. Her skin was warm againts mine, and it was a pleasant feeling. She didn't flinch at the coldness of my skin; she just glared up at me, her chest heaving with anger. There was so much rage in her tiny frame and I realized that I wanted to take it all away.

For a few of her rapid heartbeats, I found myself getting lost in her golden orbs. There was an impossibily overwhelming attraction I felt towards her, made a thousand times stronger given our close proximity. It was like magnetism; a tangible craving for more than just skin to skin contact but for the joining souls. It was more satisfying to be this close to her than I could put into words.

"I just need your help, " I told her, rubbing her smooth, olive skin.

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