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   Chapter 16 Snapped

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I can call Jules a lot of things—kidnapper, blackmailer, and a jerk for sure—but 'abomination' doesn't make the list. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position right now to advocate on his behalf. So instead, I roll my shoulders back and stare as Sirius hooks the cooler-sized machine to Jules. Kath stares, too, her mouth drawn in that hard line that seems so fashionable these days. Her fists are squeezed at her sides, hair tumbling down her back. If I squint I can make out the bulging veins outlined under her skin.

You can't revive someone after they've been dead for so long. And yet, here we are. The pads on Jules' chest crackle with an electric hum. Jules' mother finds my hand behind my back and squeezes it, probably thinking I need the comfort. But I'm in too much shock to need or want her comfort. Can barely process everything that's happened. I was attacked by a vampire. After that I was blackmailed into a date that led to Jules being killed by a woman who turned into a bat. Now, we're reviving Jules, even though he's been dead for hours.

I glance at him. He looks alive, pale, but alive. I can still smell the champagne and VO5 on him, and it's sweet and sad. He arches and then collapses back on the table, pulseless, breathless. Sirius presses harder on the pads. Jules arches again.

There's no other medical equipment attached to him, nothing to beep and flatline. The mayor digs her grip tighter into my hand and I realize she's not trying to comfort me; she's trying to comfort herself. I'm his boyfriend, she thinks, the person supposed to be closest to him. I can't exactly refute her with a garlic-sprinkled horse bit stuffed in my mouth.

He sighs and my heart stops.

Sirius freezes, looking down at Jules with a sudden grimace. Kath rushes to his side, trench billowing out around her like a black leather sail.

"Sh-Shiro?" It's the first word he says. My throat is stuffed with cotton balls and I swallow very, very carefully so bile doesn't come up. Jules is alive. Breathing, speaking. He groans and turns on his side, tugging wires. "You gotta get out of here...vampires... "

He's closed eyes. That VO5 must harden over time, because every strand of hair is in place and he just died a couple hours ago.

But it's still streaked white in the front, a whole stripe of it. My throat is dry. Before I remember how mute I am, I try to tell him I'm okay, he's okay. The vampires got him, but Kath and Sirius made sure to get him help. This all comes out, of course, as bumbly-buzzing. Kath puts a hand on his shoulder.


He blinks his eyes open. I choke on my little air left.

They're blue.

The palest shade of blue I've ever seen, like the murky, colorless surface of a polluted river. His mother won't look at him. She stares at my shoulder instead. He yawns and rubs them, then focuses on me. They glitter.

"Wow, " he says. The color still hasn't returned to his face, but the vibrance has. A smirk creeps in. "Man, they keep overestimating you. What did you do this time, Shiro, huh?"

"Saved you from Synners who sell people like us for torture, " I say. Happy, happy buzzing. Makes sme wanna hurl. And again, ladies and gentlemen: hurling + gag = painful and humiliating death. So I glance down, shut up, and focus on keeping my stomach from turning.

He sweeps his icy eyes up to Sirius, then to Kath, back to his mother. "Hey, Mom, " he says. "Guys." Smiles at the slayers, cupping his hands in his lap. The others are frozen, their eyes round and their faces pale. He tilts his head back to me. Waves. "He doesn't bite. He's just sassy is all. You better let him talk or all that sass is going to build up inside and he'll explode."

"Harr. Harr." I glare. But my heart is light in my chest. Everything will be okay.

Jules throws up his hands and scrambles back on the table. "Oh, no! He's giving me the look! Not the look." He grins wildly and catches Kath's eye. "Aren't you going to ungag him? He'll glare us all dead!"

I make my look even more severe. But Kath is frozen, her lips quivering, her eyes planets. They don't look so pretty and calm now.

"No? Okay." He plucks the wires off his chest and curls his fingers into flourishes at his sides. "I'll do it myself. I'm fine guys, really. You don't have to stare." He plops off the table and saunters toward me, whistling. I'd grin if my mouth was capable of one.

He crouches beside me and reaches behind my head. I hear a click and a squeak of a buckle coming undone. Then another. And another. Finally, I feel a lightness and he tugs on something so sharply metal cuts the edges of my mouth. Blood and salt swirl on my tongue. A curved thing reinforced with leather and metal hits the floor, and I decide it does look like a horse bit.

"Keep vampires from biting, but it looks kind of painful, doesn't it?" Jules leans his elbow on my shoulder. My pulse beats frantically in my leaden wrists. "You okay, Star?"

"No!" I snap, and I can breathe again and I talk fast, three hours or so of forced silence making my head swim. "Someone killed you and

an expression that isn't full of disgust anymore but of pity.

Sirius sighs, and I can't help but glance back at the panting man as he wipes the sweat off his forehead. Kath holds Jules against her, her arm flattened against his throat while he wriggles, kicks, and flails. "Mom, " he begs, "Mom, make them kill me. Make—them—kill—me!"

I want to cross myself. Can't with my arms behind me. I don't look away this time as Kath shouts at him again to quit embarrassing her. Sirius' fist connects squarely with Jules' jaw. Jules collapses with a whimper in Kath's arms. The mayor breathes out sharply, wincing as if she was hit herself.

"My child, " she says, but she doesn't cry anymore. She sucks in a shuddering breath and turns back.

It's over. Kath eases her arm out from under Jules' chin and lifts him. She carries him gently, two hands under his back to support him out in front of her. His arms and legs dangle limply, hair fanning out behind him. When he breathes, slow and regular, he looks at peace. My throat goes dry.

"We're so sorry, " Kath says. "We didn't know—"

"None of us did." The mayor just stares at Jules and I shrink back. Don't want to intrude. Don't want to make any of them even think about me; they're all going through enough pain and heartbreak already. She steps back, crosses her arms, composes herself. "I suppose you'd want to study him."

"We have to hold him here or we have to kill him."

"No." My breath catches in the back of my throat, the sound a little gurgle. The others snap their heads toward me. The mayor only bows, ignoring my pathetic outburst.

"Use him and learn everything you can, then. I don't want this to happen to any more children. I only ask that you don't let him hurt himself."

My heart is strangled in my chest. They'll torture him, is that what they'll do? Experiment with him, cut him open, hurt him?

Kath nods and looks down at Jules. For the first time I've noticed a stream of blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. Her eyes flutter shut for a moment long, as if praying.

"I hope you'll be the last mother, ma'am, to lose a child this way."

"He's not dead." My voice trembles. "He's fine. You revived him. Why are you talking about him like this?" I try to keep the words low and smooth, like my chest doesn't feel like it's filled with cement, like I don't want to scream, like I don't want to smack each one of them for talking about a kid's fate this way. They're all bloody lucky I'm a gentleman. And that I can't move.

Sirius sighs and tosses a key ring over his shoulders. The mayor catches it easily, nodding at him as Kath turns on the heels of her boots and leaves, Jules' feet swinging.

He wanted to protect me tonight, and so I have to protect him. It's just a fair trade.

The mayor watches them leave and then turns back to me, dangling the keys over my head. There are so many they cover every inch of ring. Silver ones, gold ones, brass ones. One is at least three inches long, looped at the top, and so thick it must go to a dungeon door. That's the one she picks up.

"I have a lot of explaining to do to you, " she says. She tries to smile, but it doesn't cut across all the way. One corner of her lips points up, the other curling down, a twitching half-smile trapped on her face.

"Yup." My eyes sting with salt. I'm so tired I don't even bother popping the 'p.'

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