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   Chapter 48 NO.48

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 3414

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"Hey, Sam! You're here!" Astrantia appeared from behind a tree and waved. She looked just as how she'd looked the last time Samantha saw her - wavy, red hair that hung over her shoulders, with a flower crown nestled in her hair, and dressed in her favourite red sweater and a black skirt. Astrantia's eyes widened slightly as she analysed Sam and she trotted over to embrace her.

"You're not dressed in your usual hoodie!" She exclaimed, pulling away after a few seconds to look down at Sam's outfit. "It looks like you took time picking this out - and is that new?"

"Uh, yeah... a... friend of mine dragged me along to go shopping."

Astrantia squealed and embraced Samantha again. "Sam! You've changed so much - and for the better! This really suits you, you know."

"Thanks... I guess." Samantha let Astrantia hug her - after all, it did feel nice to be appreciated and loved. "Do you know where Starbarks is...? I've never been to the local one here, so..."

"Oh, of course!" Astrantia giggled and pulled awa

hanks. And yeah... here." Samantha quickly dug through her bag and pulled out a few bills. "Just use those to pay for both of our drinks."

"Thanks, Sam!" Astrantia looked surprised at the offer. "You know, you've never offered to buy stuff for us... you know, those friends of yours really are nice people, to have been able to change you like that." She giggled and began padding towards the cafe. "Why don't you sit down first?"


A/N: And that's it. I'm probably not going to complete or continue writing this so... thanks for reading until the end, I guess? (And to anyone with this book in their Library, if it's even worthy of being there... sorry for the spam.)

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