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   Chapter 47 NO.47

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 5978

Updated: 2018-12-18 23:23

Samantha managed to sit through a long and boring Maths lesson without, surprisingly, getting into trouble. She nearly tripped as she rushed for the door afterwards, Mr Syne's words hardly reaching her ears as she did.

"Did he say we had homework?" A small voice asked. Samantha looked around in confusion before finally letting her eyes drop to the ground in front of her.

"Uh, yeah, I think so." Samantha replied. "But I don't know. I didn't really hear..." She trailed off as she stared at the tiny grey bat sitting on the ground in front of her. "Er, are you a new student?"

The bat gave Samantha a brief nod. "Yes, in fact. My name is Stella... Watson." She adjusted the pale yellow daffodil nestled in between her ear and the edge of her blue army's cap. "Uh, pay my heritage no mind... especially my mother's side." She sighed deeply.

Before Samantha could inquire into this topic, Elena trotted up to her. "Hey, Sam! Mr Syne was just warning me about being late again, but what-ever... oh, hey there! Are you a new student?"

Stella nodded. "My name's Stella Watson, and yes... I'm a new student."

Elena tipped her head to the side, as if concentrating. "That name sounds... familiar."

Stella quickly shook her head. "Ah, it must be... a figment of your imagination. Exactly." The tiny bat forced a smile and nodded. "I'd assume that other... species' news don't get around here much. That's fine by me."

"Hm? Well, if you say so..." Elena replied, looking doubtful. "Sorry to cut you off here so quickly, but I just needed a word with Sam -" Elena glanced over at Samantha. "Zep - I mean, me, myself, I'm going to the local, public library to read up on something, so I won't be back for a while... yeah, that's it. So, uh, you can just go off and do whatever y

s, right?

She stared at herself in the mirror. "How am I supposed to tell if I look good...?" She questioned aloud. Finally, she groaned, swept up all the extra clothes lying on her bed, and began to hang them back up - seeing as she had time anyways.


Samantha finished braiding her hair and picked up her bag. She dumped out all of the books inside - aside from her Mirror - and selected a few important objects to bring with her, such as her phone, her wallet, and her jacket - it was too warm to wear a jacket out, but there was a chance that it would get colder over time. (as Astra would say...)

She checked the time again: 5:18. Her eyes widened as she comprehended the time: I'm going to be late!

She shot out of her dorm, making sure to lock the door behind her, and sprinted down the stairs. She nearly tripped down the last few steps but she didn't let that hinder her - she just kept running. I need to show Astra that I've improved!

She skidded to a stop at the entrance and checked the time once again. The digital clock ticked over to 5:21.

As she gasped for air, Samantha looked around for her sister. Huh... it's not like her to be late. Where is she?

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