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   Chapter 46 NO.46

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6903

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"Getting straight at it, hm?" Abbey smiled sweetly. "Well, I suppose there's no... buttering up on anything. I'm forced to come here myself to put an end to your madness." She scanned the seven other students at the table, purposefully ignoring Samantha and Elena.

"Hm... so, trying to spread your rumours to the new students? That's not very nice." Abbey clicked her tongue and gave everyone a huge - and ridiculously fake - smile. "Now, dearest, fellow students... I'm afraid you've trodden on the wrong path. Alpine High really is a wonderful school, with many opportunities and a wide diversity of students... you shouldn't believe the words of a brand new student."

Abbey glanced behind her and made eye contact with Riley for a split second, then turned back to the table of students. "After all, I should know, with my father being the principal of this place, after all."

Hushed whispers shot down the table. Samantha felt surprise welling up within her, too - so that's why she goes around acting like the boss of this place!

"So, being the more... experienced person around here, " Abbey brushed a strand of white-blue hair over her shoulder, "I suggest you find someone else to... tell you about school, perhaps." Her pale purple eyes swivelled over to Luna, Zephyr and Sharon. "And you three. I've noticed you've been... hanging around these two just a little too much."

Luna bared her teeth. Zephyr growled softly, under his breath, and Sharon furrowed her brow. Abbey purposefully ignored their reactions and continued, "I'm sure there are many other students that'll... fit your interests, isn't that right, Kiera?"

Kiera jumped slightly and flattened her ears. "E-eh, er, y-yes, yes there is..."

"Exactly." Abbey flashed another dazzling smile. "So why don't you all... go off and find another table to sit at, perhaps?"

"No thanks." Jax - the black and blue butterfly wolf - abruptly stood up. "I don't take orders from fake little princesses like you. I don't even care about those two - or whoever you're talking about -" He gla

y snorted and went back to his meal. Samantha could only sit, slack jawed, at what had taken place before her.

"What was she even trying to achieve publicly approaching us like that?" Elena muttered. "We've done nothing wrong... does she hold some kind of grudge on us? Well, aside from the time I shot a piano at her - but that's another story."

"You shot a what?!" Spiro exclaimed, his large ears tilting towards her as he spoke. "Tell me more!"

"Is that what that Alexander kid was rambling on about?" Rascal asked, clearly amused. "I want to hear about it from the horse's mouth. Or, the dog's mouth. You know, old sayings and all."

"They seem to have gotten over Abbey's proposal quite quickly, too." Luna commented, her voice still slightly tight with anger. She inhaled deeply and let out a long breath. "Well, it wouldn't hurt to take their minds of her..."

"Ooh, you're famous!" Serena giggled. "What is it about a musical instrument? I didn't know you played any musical instruments, Elena!"

Elena chuckled. "Alright, fine, fine. I guess I will tell you about it. Well, it started off with a sorting..."

Samantha couldn't believe at how quickly everyone dismissed Abbey's 'proposal'. A small smirk crossed her snout - maybe she doesn't hold that much power here after all! - and she decided to just sit back and listen to Elena recount her story.

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