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   Chapter 45 NO.45

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6265

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"Are we moving on to introductions already?" The pale brown butterfly wolf on the opposite side of the table turned to face Samantha. Samantha's eyes widened. "Wait, aren't you...?"

"Yep! Serena Pepper, nice to meet you! And meet Cali, my adorable little kitty!" Serena held up a scarily realistic cat plushie and nudged it across the table. "I love to sew - in fact, I made Cali myself!"

"Whoa. You're really good at sewing... it almost looks like it could jump out and start, like, meowing or something." Samantha complimented her. To Samantha's surprise, she - as in, herself - was able to slide straight into the conversation - there was no awkwardness, no sarcasm, no glares. Maybe I'm actually getting better at socialising!

Serena giggled. "Oh, thank you! You're really too sweet - and yes, actually, Cali probably could jump out and start meowing!" On her word, the orange cat plushie abruptly stood up and trotted across the table to nuzzle Samantha.

Samantha let out a strangled screech of surprise and fell backwards off her seat. Serena giggled, but there was almost an eerie note to her voice. "Isn't Cali adorable?"

"I - I, I thought you said Cali was... a plushie?" Samantha squeaked after managing to sit back upright in her seat. Elena was too busy trying to stifle her giggles to say anything.

"Ah, yeah, she is! Oh, and did I mention what my power was? I can animate - or turn - plushies alive! Well, I've only tried with plushies, since they're the easiest - who knows, I might be able to reanimate a corpse some day!" Serena smiled sweetly as if she hadn't just been talking about... a dead body.

"A - ah, uh, yeah. Maybe." Samantha tried to ignore the slightly creepy expression Serena was making and turned her attention to the other person on her table. "Well, since we're going on with introductions... uh, what's your name?"

The b

odded. "Uh, that's... good to know. Er, so..."

Henry yipped and poked Spiro. "Hm? What is it, Henry?"

A few more clicks and whines. Spiro turned around and frowned. "Oh, look, it's the queen of the school herself. Spiro didn't like her at the beginning... but he never likes anyone at the beginning. He seems to have taken to you quite quickly, though... Sam, was it?"

His words whistled past Samantha's ears. Her attention had already been snatched away by the approaching dog - actually, three dogs. Her heart plummeted and she tried to hide a gulp.

"Well, well, well, look who we have here. Samantha Rowell and Elena Kitsune, bane of Alpine High... trying to spread rumours around once again, hm?" A scarily pleasant smile spread across Abbey's snout, completely contrary to what she was saying. Behind her, Riley twirled her icicle spear with a nasty smile, and Kiera stood with her eyes towards the ground, apparently too ashamed to even look at them.

Samantha gritted her teeth and did her best to not look terrified - after all, first impressions really were important, and these foxes apparently saw her as some sort of... celebrity. "So, Abbey, " she said in the coolest voice she could muster, "What really brings you here?"

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