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   Chapter 43 NO.43

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6342

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{{ Dear Mirror, There are a bunch of new students that just randomly appeared this morning. I haven't spoken to any of them yet, because I'm kinda in the middle of History and Ms Tient is yaddering on about Egyptians or something and I'm bored.

Hm... about the new students - oh, yeah! Did I mention that most of them weren't even dogs? Let's see... I saw a few butterfly wolves - and if you didn't know, they're like small, delicate and kinda fox-like wolves with butterfly wings. There were also a few cats, a few deer - in fact, there's a very excited looking one at the front of the class right now who actually seems to like History or whatever Ms Tient's talking about - a few horses... and a bat or two! It's... interesting, I suppose.

This is a diary. You're supposed to record stuff about your life here, not... briefly talk about some people in your class and leave. How about you talk about this morning's events?

Oh, you're back. Wait, why are you trying to direct me on how to -

Hmm. Let's try... this? Talk about this morning's events.

... Ha! It didn't work! 'Controlling my universe', huh? Well, whatever. I'll just humour you and tell you about this morning since I have nothing to write about anyways.

So I did my morning routine of waking Elena and getting ready, then we went downstairs to the canteen to eat... Oh, yeah - and Abbey was standing in the canteen with a line of new students behind her. Most of the new students were different species or something - according to Sharon, something about 'late acceptance'.

Hm... I only remember one student being sorted, and it's the first one I saw - I think her name was, er, Serena or something? She was a butterfly wolf - according to Elena, 'a really pretty one' - and... now that I think about it, what was her power? She never said it out loud, and I didn't see her 'present' it... oh well. Maybe I'll ask la

Samantha, suddenly feeling suspicious, looked down at her paw... and scowled as she saw the bright green, paw shaped paint mark on the underside of her paw. "Ember...!"


"What are you doing?" Elena called from her position on her bed. "I've never seen you spend so long in a bathroom... washing your paws?"

"An encounter with a certain orange cat." Samantha sighed and applied soap to her paw for the fifth time. "Why is it taking so long for this paint to wash off...?"

"I'll be sure not to shake their paw... or get in their way, I suppose." Elena went back to scrolling through her phone and eating her granola bar. "By the way, granola bars are actually pretty good. For being healthier than chips, they're actually delicious."

"Well, that's great, " Samantha replied, still busy trying to scrub off the paint on her paw, "but first things first - do you have a better, or stronger, type of soap? This paint mark is just not coming off..."

"Yeah, I actually do - check the cupboard above the sink. It's the one that smells like... what did it smell like again? Something citrus-y... lemon or lime, maybe? Something along those lines. Just don't scrub too hard or your paw pad might come off."

"Found it - wait, what did you mean by -?!"

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