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   Chapter 42 NO.42

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6504

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Samantha rolled out of bed as her alarm sounded. She groaned and slapped the 'off' button as she reluctantly untangled her paws from her blanket.

She went on to doing her daily routine of shaking Elena awake, washing up, changing and checking if Elena had gotten out of bed. Fortunately for Samantha, Elena had somehow managed to wake up on Samantha's third try of shaking her awake and had sleepily padded into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Samantha checked her schedule - English, History, Free Period, PE, and Maths - and quickly packed for the day.

"You're surprisingly early, " Samantha remarked as Elena exited the bathroom. "What's with the new change?"

"Probably because I slept earlier." Elena replied as she pawed through her drawers. "Ah, found it. I just need to touch up and we can go get breakfast."

Samantha watched as Elena trotted back into the bathroom. After a minute or so, Elena exited and tossed whatever she'd been holding back into her drawer.

"You look... absolutely the same." Samantha squinted at Elena. "Did you... do something to your face?"

"It's called a natural look for a reason." Elena smiled. "It may look like I've done nothing, but the makeup just adds and extra... hue to it."

"Hue? Makeup? What?" Samantha squinted at Elena's face and finally noticed the slightly pinkish tint on her cheeks. "Oh."

Elena giggled and picked up her bag. "Well, there's no need to stare. Come on, let's go!"


"Oh, great, it's Abbey." Samantha whispered as they entered the canteen. To their surprise, a few tables had been moved over to create a large corridor of space in the middle. Abbey herself was standing at the front, holding a clipboard as usual, and flanked by a sleepy Riley and a nervous Kiera.

"So Sharon was right!" Elena whispered back as their eyes travelled along to the line in front of Abbey. It was made up of mostly other species and was significantly shorter com

ntha read through the questions and shrugged. "Well, at least most of it's multiple choice. That's not too bad."

She snuck a peek at the rest of her classmates to see how they were doing. Most had already finished four of the multiple choice questions and were moving on to the next page.

"Better catch up then..." she muttered to herself as she scribbled down her name at the top.


"Please put your worksheets in the middle of the table before you leave the room. Dismissed - achoo!"

Samantha quickly scribbled down a random answer for the last two questions and dropped her sheet on top of the steadily increasing pile of papers in the middle.

"Ah, er, Ms Parker, would you mind...?" Mr Carter's eyes flickered over to the black and white furred pony by the window.

"Actually, I do mind. But it's not like it matters anyway." 'Ms Parker' sniffed haughtily and trotted over to the papers. She picked them up carefully with her teeth and clopped over to Mr Carter.

She dropped them on his desk and trotted back to her seat with a bit of an indignant air to her. Mr Carter seemed very taken aback by her attitude and could only stare after the pony.

"Ah... er..."

"Dismissed?" Vivian offered helpfully. After a three second delay, Mr Carter nodded. "Er, dismissed."

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