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   Chapter 40 NO.40

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6418

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"I think we should just... buy our things and leave." Samantha said cautiously. "It feels like there's someone... here. Aside from us."

"Yeah, I agree..." Sharon looked around nervously. "Let's just go before anything happens."

The group of five quickly wheeled their shopping carts back from where they came. Only when Samantha's tail accidentally struck the edge of a shelf she froze - and realised what was going on.

She cautiously nudged the shelf again. Her eyes widened and she pushed it a little harder, causing it to rock.

Elena turned around to see what Samantha was doing. Her jaws opened - and her eyes widened.

What's going on? Why can't I make any sound? Is this someone's power, or some sort of technology...?

Clearly, the others had realised what was wrong. Samantha could only gaze worriedly at the others, unable to even make a single sound.

After a few nods, Luna abruptly set off, apparently getting a message that one of the others must've sent. Samantha hurried after her in close pursuit, still wheeling along the shopping cart.

Luna skidded to a halt. Samantha desperately dragged the shopping cart to a stop and only just bumped against Luna's rump.

"What is it?" She tried to ask, temporarily forgetting that she was unable to make noise. She settled with peering cautiously over Luna's shoulder at whatever she had stopped to look at - and her eyes widened.

She gently nudged her way past Luna and trotted towards the dog standing in the center of the aisle. His back was turned towards them, but his fur patterns looked awfully familiar...

Kane Lester? Doesn't he sit next to me in Science? What is he doing here...?

Samantha only then realised how cold the air felt. She swallowed hard and poked the male dog a few times in the shoulder.

He didn't respond. Samantha looked over her shoulder at the others, hoping that they'd get the gist and help out.


pine High... I've seen them around, but I never really got their name. Strangely enough, they were wri -"

Kane trailed off. His eyes glazed over and he froze in place.

"Hey, why did he..." Luna squinted at the suddenly still dog. "Wait, I could've sworn..."

Samantha's ears began ringing again. Suddenly, everything became deathly silent - and Kane barrelled his way past Elena and Luna. Two tins hit the ground without a sound. Kane bounded away, his paws completely silent as they pounded against the ground.

The other three dogs were too busy trying to keep the other two from hitting the ground to chase him down. Zephyr caught Elena - apparently he'd underestimated her weight, because he went crashing to the floor as well. Samantha grabbed Luna's paw and heaved her up before she could actually hit the floor.

Luna's bat like wings spread out at the exact same moment to try soften her fall. Her wingspan was much longer than the space between the aisle and it sent several cans clattering to the floor.

The ringing in Samantha's ears started again, then faded to a soft buzz. Sharon stood nearby, trying to haul the other two to their paws. Elena and Zephyr appeared to have gotten their various limbs tangled up and were gingerly trying to extract them.

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