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"Luckily, I decided to do some research beforehand." Sharon smiled as her tail flicked excitedly behind her. "There's one right next to the mall... and a few stores in the mall itself. I'm sure you all know how to get to the mall... so let's go!"

The group of five trotted down the street. The streetlights were still off and pale sunlight trickled down onto the concrete ground. A few dogs - mostly students and a few residents - padded along both sidewalks, either chatting with their friends or walking silently. Samantha could've sworn that as soon as they walked onto the sidewalk, they became the loudest group on the street.

She hung back for a moment to have some time to herself. The sound of students chatting melded in with the sound of birdsong and cars, then all background noise seemed to become a blur as she walked. Samantha basked in how familiar it felt - walking home with Astrantia after a long day at middle school and quietly listening to the sound of everything else.

I wonder how Astrantia's doing...

Samantha was snapped out of her thoughts as someone fell back to join her. "A bit out of it today, huh?" Luna asked. "I understand. Sometimes you just get too caught up in everything around you and you just want some time to reflect. Or just some time to yourself."

"Yeah, kinda." Samantha admitted. "I was just... reminiscing the old times... and wondering how Astr - my sister was doing."

"I see." Luna nodded. "You know, it might not seem like it, but... I'm glad that all my siblings are in the same year as me. I... I've never had to experience being away from my siblings for long, so I don't... truly understand, but... I kinda do, in a way." Luna paused for a moment. "Well, if you're that worried about her... you could arrange a day to meet up and just talk."

"Talk...?" Samantha echoed. "Well... I guess... that would be possible."

I've never actually had to...

es, Elena trotted over to Zephyr and Sharon. "You okay?" She asked as she helped him out of the dented cart.

"Er, yeah, totally. Thanks for the, er, concern." Zephyr dusted himself off and extracted the shopping cart from the wall.

"You'd better go and tidy up what you knocked over, " Sharon sighed, "and I don't want to see you two pulling off a stunt like that again."

Zephyr nodded. "Alright, Shay, I won't." He picked up a tin can that had fallen when he had crashed into the wall and replaced it on the shelf. Elena hid a smile and helped him replace the fallen objects back on the appropriate shelf. Behind them, Sharon examined the shopping cart and prodded experimentally at it, trying to push the dents back into position.

"There's no one coming our way, so I can just assume they didn't find out." Luna remarked as she padded over. "Do you think the supermarket's this empty all the time?"

"Huh... that is kinda weird." Elena scanned the seemingly empty aisles and frowned. "This is supposed to be a popular company... and it's not that late. I wonder where everyone is...?"

"You know, now that you guys are talking about it... there's a bit of a chilling atmosphere to this place." Samantha shivered. "Weren't the aisles near the front packed...?"

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