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"Sharon asked if five was alright... she also said that we could grab dinner together if we were free." Elena read off her phone.

"Yeah, I'm okay with that." Samantha nodded as she stretched out on her bed. She rolled over and sat up. "What time is it, anyways?"

Elena glanced up at the clock. "Three thirty." She replied. "So, an hour and half to just chill... and do homework... if you have any."

"Ah, speaking of homework." Samantha pulled herself reluctantly off her bed. "Would you mind helping me with Maths...? I kinda, er, didn't do it in the lesson."

Elena would've raised an eyebrow if she had one. "Yeah, I kinda noticed... writing to your friend, weren't you? Did they... say anything?

"Nothing important, really." Samantha sighed and padded over to her bag, where she pulled out her Maths books. "So, er, which exercise was it...?"


Samantha sighed as she read over her hastily scribbled answers and working out. "Done!" She slammed the book shut and shoved them in a random spot on her shelf of school books.

Elena glanced over from her position on the bed. "I suppose we should go and get ready... you want to borrow some of my makeup?"

"Makeup?" Samantha echoed. She made a face and shook her head. "Uh, no thanks. Never used it once in my life and never will. Thanks anyways, though."

Elena playfully pouted. "Aw, Sam, why not? You're going to need to learn for the future, anyways... once you get a boyfriend."

"Haha, me, a boyfriend?" Samantha gestured at herself and barked with laughter. "Very funny, Elena. Now you, on the other paw..."

Elena snorted. "Yeah, right, totally. A boyfriend. Me. No, Sam, stop making that face -"

The two dogs chased each other around the room for a moment before Samantha stubbed her toe on the edge of her bed. She collapsed on her bed, exhausted. "Ouch. We probably shouldn't be doing that."

Elena chuckled. "Yeah, I guess so. Is your paw okay?"

Samantha gingerly tested her paw on the floor. "I'll live, if that's what you're asking. And I'm going to go change first because you always take forever."

Elena responded with rummaging through Samantha's closet and pulling out three articles of clothing before Samantha could even

self. "Does it look like I overdid it with the makeup? I haven't used it in ages, but I felt like... you know, confident? Or, er, I felt like I wanted to look good today."

"That's.... nice." Samantha said carefully, trying not to brush upon the topic of a 'certain dog'. "And no, it doesn't look... overdone. But you're taking the advice of a complete amateur, so..."

"Speaking of which..." Elena smirked mischievously and put away her box. "You sure you don't want me to teach you how to put on makeup? You don't know when there'll be a day you feel confident or you want to.... impress someone."

Samantha tried to hide her smile. "It's... fine. I don't think I'll ever feel either way anyways."

"Aw, Sam, " Elena gave her the puppy dog eyes, "If you're not confident in your looks now... well, maybe some makeup will make you change your mind?"

Samantha snorted. "You wish. I'd rather -" Before she could finish her sentence, they were greeted with an excited bark. "Hey, Sam, Elly! You're early!"

"Elly?" Samantha flashed Elena a half-confused, half-knowing look. Elena flushed slightly and huffed. "It's just a nickname." She turned to face the three dogs and grinned. "Hey, guys! You ready to set off?"

Samantha watched Elena greet the three dogs eagerly and finally pulled herself off the bench. "Hey, nice to see you all... but, er, does anyone know where the closest supermarket is? I kinda forgot to check and I don't even know if one exists near here..."

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