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This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6560

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"Why does Maths even exist..." Samantha yawned. "Look, I'm already feeling tired and I'm not even in the classroom yet."

"Maths sucks, but I guess being good at it isn't any harm, " Elena replied. Samantha groaned and rubbed at her eyes. "Easy for you to say - you're good at Maths. Me, on the other paw..."

"Aww, you're embarrassing me." Elena joked. "Seriously though, I'm not actually good at Maths. I was the worst -"

"No, you weren't. And stop it." Samantha shook her head and fought off another yawn. "At least we have food shopping after this, though."

"You two. Good job in the battle out there." Samantha and Elena both turned towards the source of the voice to see Kiara striding towards them with her white cape fluttering behind her.

"Uh... thanks?" Samantha offered. Kiara eyed them both for a moment, then said, "You know, we really could do with some more recruits. Protecting the kingdom is definitely an honourable job."

Elena chuckled awkwardly. "Well, ehehe, it's... fine. We have other... passions in mind."

"Passions?" Samantha whispered to Elena, looking confused. "I haven't even figured out what I'll be doing for my part time job yet!"

Kiara didn't seem to hear Samantha and nodded towards Elena. "I see. Well, if you're ever in need of a job, be sure to ask me about it." The dark furred dog strode off again.

"She's weird." Samantha commented as soon as Kiara was out of hearing range. Elena nodded, then shrugged. "Well, I guess that's how it goes. At least she's not... mean, though."

"Mm." Samantha was about to say more when the door to the Maths classroom opened. "You may enter." Mr Syne's voice floated out from the doorway. A glowing arrow appeared in midair and swivelled towards the door, earning a few chuckles from the dogs around.

"I forgot he has illusionary powers, " Samantha whispered. Elena chuckled and nodded. "Same here... but he is pretty funny when he wants to be."

"Funny?" Samanth

Apparently, according to Abbey and her goons, we were 'spreading rumours' about her and they threatened to 'punish us accordingly' if we continued. Like, literally everybody knows that I never 'spread rumours' about her or anything??? I don't even know if they have the right to just barge into other peoples' rooms and just threaten them - probably not - but since we've done nothing wrong, we shouldn't be afraid... right?

Hey, don't ask me.

I wasn't asking you. So... yeah, that's basically it. Oh, and the squad - er, me, Elena, Luna, Zephyr and Sharon - we're going shopping for food tonight! Now, that's a type of shopping I'm totally okay with. Though shopping with clothes wasn't bad... especially since I got to see Zephyr and Elena falling heads over tails for each other as they did so. It's so obvious that the two were made for each other - they're just denying it, haha.

I never knew you were a matchmaker.

Me, matchmaker? Pfft, no. Why me? I'm not even good with talking to other people myself, so don't even try to sign me up for matchmaking other dogs.

If you say so.

Hmph. Well, then, Maths is almost over, and I've done... basically none of the work he gave us. Whatever, I can ask Elena for help on it later...

Alright, almost time to pack up. Seeya later, Mirror. }}

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