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"I never thought that playing dodgeball would actually be... fun." Samantha commented. "I used to suck at it, and, well... uh, yeah, I still suck at it, but it's actually really fun!"

Elena nodded, clearly still not down from her adrenaline rush. "Yeah, it definitely is! We used to play dodgeball as a year group at my primary school every Friday, and it was amazing - but nothing beats seeing that stupid smirk wiped off that smug mutt's snout!"

"You're still on about that?" Samantha asked, half incredulously. Elena just nodded and laughed. "Why wouldn't I? She tried to threaten us, so this is how we'll show her that we're not to be messed with! And she can't even do anything about it because 'it's just a game'?"

"Well, technically, it was you who showed her that 'we' were not to be messed with." Samantha pointed out. "I just got a lucky strike in... and she made sure to get me out as soon as the game started."

"Lucky strike or not, you definitely gave her something to remember." Elena replied as she picked up her bag. "Well, you ready to go?"

"Uh, give me a second." Samantha dumped her PE clothes into her rucksack - the exact one which she had brought before Ryo gave her back her backpack - and tightened it. She tossed it into her relatively empty backpack and hauled it over her shoulder. "Alright, let's go."

Elena stood up as well. "Since we're kinda late... the cafeteria line should be shorter. That's a... plus of waiting out, I guess."


Samantha's mouth watered at the sight of the fish and chips on her tray. Unfortunately, they had been wandering around the cafeteria for a while and there were no empty seats. The three siblings didn't seem to be present either, which was... strange.

Elena put down her tray on a nearby table, earning a few strange or annoyed looks from the occupants on the table. She ignored them and turned to Samantha. "How about we just bring the food up to our dorm to eat? We can drop the empty tray off at the cafeteria as we head to Maths."

"Are we even allowed to do that?" Samantha mumbled through her tray. Elena shrugged, then nodded. "Well, if we aren't allowed, we'll be stopped by the door... but there's no sign anywhere saying that we aren't allowed to tak


Sharon smiled sheepishly. "Well, I don't like being... disliked, so I try to be as likeable as possible without being fake." Her eyes widened slightly and she tipped her head to the side. "Ah, right! We've been talking about us this whole time and not you guys... so! How was PE for you guys?"

Samantha made a face. "Well, for starters, Abbey and her gang is in our class, so that's a bummer."

"We completely wrecked Riley at dodgeball, though, " Elena added, grinning. "It was amazing seeing the smirk -"

"She's been going on about that for ages, " Samantha said in a stage whisper to the others, earning a giggle from everyone. Elena puffed up slightly and fake-pouted. "No, I wasn't! Now will you let me finish my story about how we completely wrecked her at dodgeball?"

"Technically it was just you... but sure, go ahead." Samantha chuckled. "If they're willing to hear it, that is."

Elena was already telling her overly exaggerated and dramatic version of the story before Samantha could finish her sentence. Everyone seemed rather engaged in her storytelling - Luna whooped as Elena described how Samantha managed to get her strike in, Zephyr was smiling dreamily and staring at Elena as she spoke (he probably wasn't listening to the story at all, but really, that was his loss - and besides, it was none of her concern) and Sharon was smiling and nodding along.

Samantha smiled and dug into her meal. Huh, who knew that I'd make friends at high school so quickly...?

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