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   Chapter 35 NO.35

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Samantha sighed and put her paw on the end of her 'boundaries'. Elena was practically shivering with excitement next to her. "I love dodgeball, " she whispered to Samantha. "And I'm planning to win... and to get Riley out!"

"Go!" Ms Howen barked, leaping from paw to paw with excitement. Elena shot ahead to try grab a ball, alongside several other eager dogs. Samantha hung behind, not really wanting to dive head first into the action.

Elena bounded back to where Samantha was standing with a ball in her jaws. Her paw hit the line - and the ball began to glow a vibrant blue. Samantha's eyes widened with surprise - and she only snapped out of it when Elena let out a muffled bark and threw herself in front of Samantha.

Samantha flinched and looked away for a brief second. She looked back when she realised she couldn't feel anything striking her hide.

Elena had deflected the ball with her own and was glaring over at the other side. "Mff-tch out!" She said through the ball, before leaning back and hurling the ball over to the other side. "Watch out, Sam, " she repeated. "You don't want to get out of the game!"

"Uh, okay - and thanks for the save, " Samantha replied. She picked up the ball that Elena had deflected and threw it at the crowd of students on the other side. It bounced uselessly on the ground as everyone on the other team scattered.

"Oh well, good try, " Elena congratulated her, before jumping up and catching a ball between her jaws.

"You, team one, dark fur - out!" Ms Howen called over to a dog on the other side. Samantha watched as Alexander exited the dodgeball 'battlegrounds', looking disappointed, and almost felt bad for him - until she heard a sharp bark and everyone around her scattered.

Samantha threw herself to the ground by instinct and felt a ball whistle over her ears. "Close one!" Elena called directly after hurling her own ball.

Samantha could only nod, already breathless. One of her own teammates bounded over to snatch up the ball that had nearly hit her and Samantha decided to shift over to where Elena was standing to avoid being the center of attention.

There was a sharp bark and a flash of purple. "You're

e or something, but I... I want to continue playing."

"That's the spirit!" Ms Howen patted her on the shoulder and bounced off to address the class. "Alright, round two - now, if you're hit, you won't be directly out! You'll stand on the benches behind the opponent's team, and you can catch any balls that your teammates throw you to get back in the game. You can either bring your ball back or..." A grin spread across Ms Howen's snout. "Throw them at the unsuspecting backs of the other team before running back! You can't do that once you've stepped off the bench, though... and at the end, we'll count up how many players on each side, since we have equal numbers! First... could some of you help me out with moving the benches?"

Elena padded up to Samantha as a few students hurried off to grab a few benches. Elena gave Samantha a friendly nudge and grinned. "Well, you definitely got a shot in - but I'm getting Riley out next, alright?!"

"Uh... sure." Samantha nodded. "That was kinda unintentional, though..."

Elena had already bounced off before Samantha had finished her sentence. Samantha couldn't help but smile as she watched Elena bound away - then her smile vanished as she caught the eye of a certain girl.

Abbey was glowering at Samantha from a corner, clearly annoyed with how her plan backfired on her. By instinct, Samantha gave her a mocking 'thumbs up' - and hurried off to join Elena in pulling a bench over to her side.

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