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This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6662

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Samantha couldn't get a hold of Cheryl throughout the entirety of the Science lesson. By the time she'd shoved everything in her bag at the end of the lesson and rushed out to find her, she was gone.

Samantha sighed - and lowered her head in a sneeze as something brushed against her nose. She blinked a few times to clear her vision and realised there was a particular blue feather on the ground. "Must've been the culprit of my... sneeze, " she said to herself as she picked it up. She admired it in the sunlight - it seemed to shimmer with dull green, blue and purple all at once as she tilted it in the sunlight.

She tucked it into her pocket and checked her schedule again. She grimaced as she read the name of the lesson off her timetable. "Ew, Physical Education." She hurried down the stairs - and froze as she realised that she'd forgotten her PE clothes in her dorm room. She swore under her breath and made a run for her dorm.


"Just made it, " Elena whispered as Samantha skidded to a stop by the school field, dressed in the school's PE kit. "Good job - did you forget your kit?"

Samantha simply nodded, too breathless to speak. Thankfully, the teacher hadn't arrived yet to see Samantha out of breath and red faced from her run.

Samantha inhaled deeply and straightened up. "Well, I've already done a warm up, so can I miss out on this one?" She joked as she scanned the group of students that were milling around. Unfortunately, Cheryl wasn't in the same class as her, so she couldn't continue inquiring on what she'd said earlier.

Elena chuckled at Samantha's joke. "You wish. I hope our teacher isn't one of those... you know, 'give me a hundred pushups for your warmup' type of guy... or gal. No matter how much I like running around and throwing balls, I've never met anyone who liked doing pushups every other day... including me. So yeah, basically, I hate fitness stuff."

"Hopefully, " Samantha agreed. "My primary school teacher was kinda like that,

ppointed with the fact that Abbey was in her team, too.

"Alright, everyone!" Ms Howen exclaimed. "I assume you know the rules of dodgeball. The middle line is here..." She bounded along the middle of the two teams, tracing a line with her... lance. To everyone's surprise, the lance - which was somehow now glowing blue - was creating a shimmering blue line wherever it went. Ms Howen traced out the boundaries and returned to the middle.

"Once you're hit, you're out. We'll play elimination for now... but I'll add more rules later on! Oh, and shots to the head don't count -"

"Pity, " Elena whispered, glowering at Riley.

"- and if you catch the ball that they throw at you, you're out! And no using your powers, of course." Ms Howen lined up six balls along the middle line. "Everyone, go to the end of your boundaries... yes, over there... and when I say go, you go! You have to bring your ball back to your side to activate it... and when it's activated, it'll turn blue! Simple, isn't it?"

Ms Howen paused for a moment, then hurried over to the balls and touched them once with her lance. The balls shimmered faintly as she touched them and Ms Howen hurried back to the outside of the 'battleground'. "If you're hit, you'll hear a popping noise and the ball will glow green. I trust you all to play fairly!"

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