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"Alright, potatoes." Mr Derlay announced. "First of all, I remember my classes by certain names, and yours will be potato. Don't take it to heart or anything."

"Now, in PRS, you'll basically be learning about Philosophy and Religion. Usually, it's just one at a time." He stopped pacing for a moment. "Now, we'll be getting straight into it. First of all, how to construct a good argument."

Samantha tried not to yawn as he opened up a presentation. "First of all, what is the definition of an argument to you?"


"How was that related to philosophy or religion in any way?" Luna grumbled as they exited the room.

"Maybe it'll lead up to something?" Sharon suggested. Zephyr just let out a grunt in response.

Samantha trotted beside them, not really bothered to talk and more content to just listen. She followed the others to the cafeteria, where they grabbed a snack for themselves and settled themselves at an empty table after checking if Elena was around.

"Huh, where's Elena?" Samantha pointed out, after a few minutes of sitting and eating.

"Maybe she's eating in her dorm or something?"

Almost as if by coincidence, Zephyr's eyes lit up and he shot out of his seat to wave at an approaching dog. "Hey, Elena! Over here!"

The orange furred dog quickly made her way over to their table and sat down heavily. "My PRS teacher sucks, " she grumbled. "She literally let us out five minutes late, and she was even going to give us homework but someone interrupted her and she was forced to let us go. I swear, she was actually about to keep us in for the whole of break."

"That sounds terrible, " Sharon said with a sigh. "I wish you were in our class - our teacher's kinda intimidating, but he's really nice!"

"Lucky, " Elena remarked. A smirk spread across her snout as she continued to talk. "Well, the good thing about having a terrible teacher is that I'll get more than enough chances to annoy them... and prank them without feeling bad."

Luna grinned. "When you put it like that, well, even I'd want to join you in that teacher's class only to annoy them as well. Are they fun to annoy?"

"From what I've seen, yeah, definitely." Elena took a bite from the crisp she'd been holding and offered the bag to everyone. "Want some?"

"Thanks, " Samantha took one and popped it into her mouth. "

ha convinced. "I... if you want my help in, say... speaking up for yourself... well, I owe you one."

"Th... thank you. You... didn't have to do this for me..."

"Nonsense!" Samantha barked, a little louder than she'd intended it to be. "You've done the same for me, so it's only fair I try and help you. We're friends, after all."

"F... friends?" Cheryl repeated, sounding shocked. "You mean... you, out of everyone... you consider me a friend?"

"Uh... y... yes?" Samantha answered, clearly confused. "Why wouldn't I? You've helped me so much, and I've basically done nothing for you... I mean, if you consider me a friend, then I guess..."

Cheryl smiled wider than she ever had before. "Thank you! Thank you, thank you so much for -"

"Hold on. Why are you thanking me? You're the one who helped me so much while I've done... well, nothing!"

Cheryl looked away for a brief moment and an unreadable expression crossed her snout. "You've helped me more than you realise, " she murmured, so quietly that Samantha thought she'd imagined it. When Samantha reached over once again to ask her about it, the door to the Science classroom opened and Mr Strey clopped out. "Alright, class! Single file and take your seats."

Cheryl disappeared into the queue as Samantha was distracted. Samantha searched the line for Cheryl's familiar dark hair and could only helplessly watch as Cheryl entered the classroom. Oh, well - I guess I'll ask her after class.

Samantha sighed and joined the end of the line of students padding into the classroom.

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