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   Chapter 32 NO.32

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6173

Updated: 2018-12-18 23:13

Samantha joined the queue of students out the door. Almost as soon as she stepped out, a paw cautiously tapped her shoulder. She spun around to face them and was pleasantly surprised to see the dog from the park - Ryo, was it?

He gestured towards a wall and mumbled something inaudible. Samantha assumed that he was asking if she could step aside for a moment to avoid the rush of dogs so she followed him over to the wall.

"I, er, f-found this backpack outside the music rooms... and I was w-wondering, er, is this... yours?" Ryo stuttered out, looking extremely nervous and... flustered? Samantha paid it no mind and her eyes drifted to the backpack Ryo was holding out. Her eyes widened and a smile spread across her snout as she reached out and took it.

"Thank you so much! I was really worried I'd lost my Mi - er, it! And the stuff inside it, of course... ehehe..." Samantha scratched the back of her head awkwardly and gave him a grateful smile. "I must've left it last night, when I, er..." She paused for a moment. The puzzle pieces came together in her mind and her eyes widened once again.

"V-visited." She finished awkwardly, not wanting to tell him that she had been standing outside and listening to his music like a... creep.

"Oh... I-I see... w-well, I guess... I -"

Samantha felt a paw grab her shoulder. She gave him a short wave and a "bye?" before she was pulled away to join Elena, Luna, Sharon and Zephyr just around the corner. Elena smirked mischievously and would've wiggled her eyebrows if she had any.

"Oh, so who's that?" She said casually, but Samantha could tell she was trying to hide her excitement... or amusement. Samantha didn't know which, but either way probably wouldn't result in... a nice, peaceful night for her.

"Just... some guy I met at a park." Samantha replied carefully. "He found

er with an unreadable expression.

The dog, at first glance, had a lot of hair and fur. His back was covered in two stripes of hair - one red and one orange. A brown-orange beard covered most of his snout and chest and a yellow soldier's hat was perched on his head. He squinted at the class for a moment, and grunted, "What a stupid looking class of potatoes I have."

One of the students let out a harsh bark of anger and leaped to his paws. Samantha quickly identified the figure to be Oscar, from the way his black, dragon like wings were expanding and growing to became twice the size of his body. His tail lashed out, suddenly becoming more serpentine.

The teacher peered at Oscar for a moment, completely unfazed. Finally, he barked with laughter. "I'm joking, kid. Don't need to take it to heart. Welcome to PRS, and I'm Mr Derlay. Come on in."

The line of confused students slowly began making their way in the room. Oscar slowly shrank and reverted back to his usual form with a half annoyed and half confused expression. "Who the heck does he think he is...?!" He hissed under his breath as Samantha passed. Samantha decided not to answer him and passed the intimidating looking teacher into the PRS classroom.

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