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This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6391

Updated: 2018-12-18 23:11

A/N: I'm just posting the rest after @11kitty_cat_girl11 (thank you so much for the encouragement and the constant support!) encouraged me to. I wrote these ages ago and I'm not bothered to fix them... by the way, there's like 15 unpublished chapters.


"How did it go?" Samantha asked as Elena opened the door. Her eyes widened as she realised that the person that had opened the door was definitely not Elena.

She leaped to her paws and bared her teeth. "Who are you?! What are you doing in my dorm?! Invasion of privacy, get out! How did you get in here -"

Riley Scaven stepped into the room, spinning a long, sharp icicle nonchalantly with a paw. She smirked at Samantha and tapped the icicle against the ground. "Samantha Rowell, annoying brat and powerless dog." She sneered at Samantha's expression and pulled a piece of paper out from her denim jacket.

"Oh, no, I'm not here to hurt you... yet." Riley cackled. "But I am here to pass a message, since Abbey has decided that she's tired of seeing your ugly snout..." She squinted at the piece of paper for a few seconds, then flourished it dramatically.

"So, word has been going around that you and your... friend have been spreading rumours about us. That we're... the bad guys that... treated you unfairly." Riley snorted and stuffed the paper back into her pocket. "Now, Abbey just wanted to politely -" Riley's smile said anything but polite, "- ask you to stop doing it, because if you continue to do so... there will be consequences."

Samantha narrowed her eyes and gave Riley her best glare. Words bubbled out of her mouth, too fast and angry for her to stop: "Well then, you can go back to little miss perfect with your tail between your legs and tell her that me and Elena, we've, we've done nothing wrong! We've never 'spread rumours' about you guys - everything that's going around is because other dogs have seen you and othe

has it.

Samantha listened harder for that ethereal and bodiless voice, but it never came.


Samantha pulled on a sweater and her favourite hoodie. As an afterthought, she decided to wear the denim shorts that Elena had chosen for her too.

She went on to her daily routine of shaking Elena awake and freshening up. After Elena had gotten ready, they'd trotted down the stairs to the cafeteria where they ate waffles with Sharon and Luna.

"We have... health." Sharon read aloud from her timetable. "Huh, health? I've never had that as a subject before. I wonder what it'll be like."

"Probably first aid and other boring stuff." Luna yawned as she took a bite of her waffle. "And this... this needs more sugar."

"Luna, no, " Elena chuckled. Her face grew more somber and she sighed. "Well, guys, something happened last night... and it's not good."

"Huh?" Sharon looked up, suddenly worried. "What happened? Did somebody get injured?"

"No..." Samantha sighed. "Riley just walked straight into my dorm and threatened to 'punish' us if we 'spread rumours' about them again. But... we've never spread rumours about them! Even you guys know!"

Sharon's eyes widened with shock. Luna narrowed hers and pawed at the table angrily. "They did what now?!"

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