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This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6370

Updated: 2018-02-13 21:47

Samantha padded out of English, relieved that school was finally over. Elena quickly caught up with her with a sigh of her own. "That was boring, and I am so tired. I'm going back to the dorm... you?"

"Same." Samantha nodded. "I don't think I have homework today, since we spent a lot of time on it yesterday... so I think I'll just chill."

"Sounds good." Elena yawned. "Well, let's go."


Samantha lay on her bed and snuggled under the covers. She scrolled through PawTube with a content sigh. Opposite her bed, Elena half-snored under the covers with some sort of music playing over her phone.

Even as an episode of her favourite show played, Samantha couldn't help but think back to the words they had said... or written.

"What's a story without plot?" She quoted dully. "And what exactly do they think they're going on about? Just because they can control one aspect of my life doesn't mean they should ruin it for me..."

She turned over, completely ignoring her screen, and stared at her wall. "I hope this isn't just some kind of grand prank someone's been playing on me for my entire life... there must be more to this." She briefly considered checking her diary to see if they had responded, but decided against it. She leaned her head back against the pillow and closed her eyes.

Before she knew it, she'd drifted into a dark, dreamless sleep.


Her computer had turned off somewhere in between her nap. Samantha shifted under the covers and moved her computer off her bed so she could sit up.

"Five o'clock." She read aloud off the wall. She turned towards Elena's side of the room and was surprised to see that her bed was empty. Samantha slid off her bed and wearily picked up her phone.

"Went out with Luna because I didn't want to disturb your sleep. You definitely needed it. Once you wake up, well, you don't have to wait for me to come back. Have fun! By

shot down the stairs, taking the steps two at a time, and hurried away.


Samantha returned to her dorm and sat down heavily. She'd run all the way from the Arts and Performance Block all the way back to her dorm, and now the exhaustion was starting to kick in.

She frowned and patted down her pockets. Her phone was there, her headphones were around her neck... but she could've sworn she was missing something.

Her eyes widened and she leaped to her paws. "My backpack!" She cried to no one in particular. She grabbed her keys and forced herself to run all the way back to the Arts and Performance Block.

To her horror, her backpack was gone - alongside her private diary and - well, nothing else, really, since she made a habit of putting everything she didn't need back on her desk after a long day.

She swore under her breath and hurried in between the practice rooms in hopes of finding it. There was nobody around to ask - not even the person playing music from before.

The sun dipped beneath the horizon. Defeated, Samantha padded back to her dorm. "Maybe I'll find it tomorrow, or in the lost and found, " she said hopefully. She sighed as she opened the door to her dorm. "Not like my diary's very helpful anyways..." she added quietly.

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