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This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6239

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"How did it go -" Elena halted in her tracks as she saw Samantha's expression. "Oh..."

Elena paused for a moment. "They didn't answer, did they? I swear, if I ever get my paws on them, I'll...!"

"It's fine." Samantha sighed deeply. "I mean, even if they did answer, what good would it do?"

"I... I don't know what's going on, but... Samantha, don't give up hope! I... I'm sure they'll come eventually! Something has to happen!" Cheryl joined in, patting Samantha's back reassuringly. "Maybe it just takes time... but once it does happen, you can show her!"

"Your power has to mean something deeper, " Elena added. "I can practically promise you that it isn't just summoning words on a page."

"Thanks, guys..." Samantha sighed again. "I... I just need some time alone."

"Alright." Elena said immediately. "Here, give me your wallet and I'll buy lunch for you and bring it up to our dorm... what do you want?"

Cheryl quickly scavenged through her bag and pulled out a small packet of cookies. "Here, these might cheer you up." She offered, pressing them into Samantha's paw.

Samantha looked between her two friends and felt a small smile force its way past the haze of despair that had fallen upon her. "Thanks, guys... you're really better than I deserve, huh?"

"Don't say that!" Elena exclaimed. "We're friends, and that's what matters." Cheryl added. "If one of us needs help, the others will come... and that's a promise."

Samantha took the cookies and slowly handed Elena her wallet. "Thanks... you didn't have to do this."

"Nonsense!" Elena barked. "It's basically our responsibility to do this... now, right after this class, you can go straight to our dorm, sit down and wait. Just relax and have some time to yourself. Don't even worry about anything. We'll handle everything!"


Samantha sat alone in her dorm eating spaghe

randomly selected an option. "It's a one out of four chance. Whatever, it's not an actual test anyways..."

She went through the quiz, randomly selecting answers that she thought was correct. "Four out of ten. Not bad for guessing nearly everything." She said aloud, earning a few squints and glances her way. She forced a scowl onto her snout and gave them all her best death glare - which, to be fair, wasn't actually that good.

Most of the students thankfully looked away, though. Samantha was about to thoughtlessly reach for her diary, like how she normally would when she would finish work early, then stopped. She withdrew her paw and decided to occupy herself with staring at the clock instead of thinking about... them.

Mr Carter's loud sneeze broke the silence. He sniffled and wiped his nose with a tissue. "A-ah, sorry class." He sneezed again. "Just a case of the sniffles... Now, that online quiz should've... freshened your memory up. Now, on to Scene 2... Please open the book I gave you all last lesson, with the play on it... And read through Scene 2 by yourself. Five minutes."

Mr Carter coughed into a tissue and sat down heavily. Samantha sighed. flipped her copy of the play open to Scene 2, and began reading.

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