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This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6226

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{{ Hello? Are you awake? If you're out there, please say something?

Author? 'Mighty creator of our universe'? I'm serious here... ugh, why now of all times you don't show up? She's literally about to call my name. Author. Author. Author. Please - }}

"Samantha Rowell?" A voice called. Samantha gritted her teeth and stood up. She picked up her diary, tucked it under a paw and padded towards the room, trying to calm her nerves.

"Good luck!" Elena whispered, giving her a 'thumbs-up'. Samantha flashed her a weak smile, not wanting to tell her that it didn't work, and entered the classroom.

Ms Ather was perched on the desk with her stick laid in front of her, alongside several stones. She looked up as Samantha entered.

"Please don't worry too much, " she meowed, seeing the expression on Samantha's snout, "it's not a test or anything, I just want to know a bit about you. Would you mind closing the door?"

Samantha wordlessly closed the door.

"Now, take a seat, would you? Or if you'd prefer to stand, well, it's up to you."

Samantha sat. Ms Ather flipped through her papers and stopped at a page. "Hm. So, Samantha Rowell. Here it lists you as... no powers, but, of course, as I've said before... I'm here to help you find your power!"

"I do have a power." Samantha said slowly, swallowing a few times to relieve her dry throat.

Ms Ather looked surprised. "Well, it doesn't say here... but, of course, we've had some occasions like that where parents don't realise their pups have powers..." She trailed off. "Oh! Sorry for being so rude. Would you mind... showing me your power? Actually, could you start with a summary?" She pulled out a pen and positioned it against the paper.

"Well..." Samantha mumbled. "I can, er, communicate to a being..."

"Telepathy? Not too uncommon..." Ms Ather muttered, bringing her pen to the pa

Ms Ather's claws unsheathe and dig into the table. Suddenly, Ms Ather jolted back with a sharp hiss and a "mrrow!"

When Ms Ather saw Samantha's worried expression, she quickly reassured: "Don't worry about me, I'm fine." Her expression read something else.

"What?" Samantha asked carefully. Ms Ather started to pace the table, tail flicking anxiously. "I... I still need to... think. It's none of your concern yet... just relax."

Ms Ather took a deep breath and regained her composure. She quickly retrieved the stone with a paw - holding it like a hot potato - and pulled it back to her pile of stones. "Would you mind calling... Evan Silvius to the room, please? I need to... prepare something."

"But -" Samantha began, but Ms Ather shushed her. "I'll figure it out on my own. No need to get your tail in a twist over something you don't understand."

Samantha slowly stood up and picked up her book. She padded out of the classroom, tail drooping and eyes dull.

"Evan." She barked sharply. She gestured to the room once and padded towards her friends without checking that he'd heard her.

"The one time I needed you, and you don't reply?" Samantha whispered to herself. "Or have I been hallucinating this whole time?"

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