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This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6857

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Samantha trotted out of the classroom with her books and papers in her backpack. Cheryl trotted alongside her, talking nervously but excitedly about science of some sort.

"What do you have next?" Samantha inquired as they trotted down the stairs of the Science block.

"Er, Power Training, with, um, " Cheryl checked her schedule, "With Ms... Ather."

"Ms Ather?" Samantha echoed. She looked down at her timetable and felt a grin spread across her snout. "I have her too! Oh, and you'll be able to meet my friend Elena -"

"Elena?" Cheryl repeated. "I heard..."

Samantha waved a paw in the air dismissively. "You don't have to listen to those rumours about her - she's actually really nice! And I'm sure she'll be glad to meet you."

"You sure?" Cheryl said nervously. "I mean, apparently she..."

"None of that." Samantha repeated firmly. "I'll show you what a nice person she is!"


"Hey, Sam!" Elena exclaimed, giving Samantha a quick paw-bump. "And who's this?" She questioned, turning towards Cheryl.

"Ah, her? This is Cheryl - Cheryl, meet Elena, Elena, meet Cheryl." Samantha quickly introduced the two. "Don't be afraid - just say hi!"

Elena smiled and held out her paw for a handshake. "The name's Elena Kitsune, nice to meet you. And I promise I'm not as scary as the rumours make me seem, although..." With a mischievous smile, Elena pointed her paw at the ground and shaped it into a 'finger-gun'. "Bang."

A few, multicoloured candies clattered to the ground. Elena grinned and spread out her paws. "Ta da!"

"Oh... I see. So, uh, I'm Cheryl, er, Cheryl Bloomsbury. Nice to meet you to, I guess... and, er, my power is... I'm not very good at controlling it, but I can shapeshift into any type of bird. My favourite one's a blue jay, since I feel most... at ease with my pet, who's also a blue jay." Cheryl seemed to get more confident and excited as she spoke. "Her name's Aquarius, but she likes to be called Aqua as well."

"Sounds cool!" Elena exclaimed. "I'd love to meet, ah, Aqua sometime. What do you

he frowned. She continued to write underneath.

{{ So, uh, Author. You know, it'd be helpful if you could write something out in front of my Powers Training teacher? Since I need to prove my power to her. }}

Samantha stared hopefully at her text. When nothing happened once again, she grimaced and continued writing.

{{ I'm running out of time. Please? I don't want to seem like a total flop when doing that 'one-to-one' discussion to her about my power... }}

Samantha glanced up from her diary as Cheryl bounded over, beaming.

"She's actually really nice! She said that she would help me with controlling my power and trying to reach it's full potential... I'm surprised that I'd say this, since I hate physical activities, but I really can't wait!"

Another student entered the classroom Ms Ather was at. Samantha quickly gave Cheryl a smile and added, "Sounds great! I'd celebrate with you about it, but... I need to prepare." Samantha gestured at her diary and sighed. "My power is to, uh, be able to communicate to a being beyond our universe - long story, really - and I can only fully communicate to them in this diary. Again, long story."

"I understand." Cheryl nodded, then gave Samantha a reassuring smile. "I'm sure you'll get it! Good luck!"

"Thanks, " Samantha replied. She looked back down at her empty page and continued to write.

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