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   Chapter 25 NO.25

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6751

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"Hey, guys, can we sit?" Elena called. Sharon and Luna turned to face them. Sharon immediately started to wag her tail while Luna gave them a half-smile.

"Hey, long time no see! And of course!" Sharon waved, clearly excited, and gestured at the seats. "So, how's school? What's up?"

Samantha put down her plate gratefully and sat. "Well... we had DT separately. It was pretty boring, aside from that one moment where the teacher turned into a dragon thing and scared Oscar half to death. And IT was boring."

"A... dragon? Well, that must've been interesting, " Sharon commented. "Are teachers even allowed to do that?"

"Don't know about that." Samantha replied, picking up a waffle fry and popping it into her mouth. "But it was pretty cool. So, how about you?"

"Well, Maths was boring. Our teacher just talked a lot but we hardly did anything." Luna replied. "They gave a lot of homework for not doing anything in class, though, so... that's why we couldn't go with you last night."

"Ah, yeah, last night!" Sharon's eyes lit up. "So, how did it go? What did you do? Did Zephyr do anything weird?"

Elena giggled. "Well, it went pretty well... we went shopping for clothes - in fact, what Sam's wearing right now is a... result of last night."

Sharon looked over Samantha's outfit. Samantha tried not too look too awkward as Sharon looked over her.

"I thought something looked different!" Sharon exclaimed. "Not in a bad way, though - it looks great on you. Mm, not nothing I would've thought you would, you know, wear, but it looks good!"

"Zephyr seemed a little too happy when he texted us about it, " Luna commented dryly. "Now, what did you actually do?"

"What?" Elena yelped, caught off guard. "N-nothing! We just ate stuff, talked, and went home. Yeah, that's it."

"I don't know anything!" Samantha raised her paws in surrender. "At least, not about the going home thing. I just left them to their... own thing."

Luna smirked. "I see. Well, if you -" She glanced over at Elena, "-

heryl smiled and tilted her glasses so they reflected the light perfectly and hid her brown eyes. "Don't worry, you've got me. If I'm good at anything, it'd be Science... so let's get started, shall we? Instructions are on the board..."


Much to her word, the experiment went as well as it could. Samantha hardly had to lift a paw to help - not that she didn't want to, but Cheryl did everything so quickly and efficiently it was almost like she was designed to do a job like this. Kiera stood by, watching in awe.

"Done." Cheryl finally announced, gesturing to their now-alight Bunsen burner and the boiling tube of water. "Now, let's add some Benedict solution, and if the food inside contains... er, glucose..."

Samantha watched, wide eyed, as the liquid became a shimmery orange.

Almost at the exact moment, Mr Strey trotted over with his goggles over his eyes. "Ah, that's how it's done. Very good. Now, pack up and write down your conclusion." He trotted past.

"Thanks for doing the experiment. And just... how did you do that so fast?" Samantha asked, still gaping. Cheryl simply smiled and switched off the Bunsen burner. "Just practice, really. Nothing too hard. Now, be careful of the hot equipment... would you mind putting away the lighter, Kiera? And Sam, you can help with putting away the Benedict solution..."

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