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   Chapter 24 NO.24

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6659

Updated: 2018-02-11 20:03

{{ Dear Mirror, I'm in IT and... yeah, I know, it's probably not a good habit to write in class, but I'm bored and tired. Basically no one's done, so, might as well get some writing done.

This morning, I got breakfast without Elena because she had to clean up... something. Evan - the guy who can apparently change the temperature of a room - got mad because I looked at him for a second. I mean, he literally was sitting opposite me. What did he expect?

Vivian also came over just before we were about to... uh, fight. She somehow managed to calm him down and I told her about my power because she asked. Yeah, normal stuff.

So, first lesson was DT, which apparently means something that I don't remember. Or know. Either one. It was boring... the only interesting thing that happened was that the teacher, Ms Derin, suddenly went 'rage dragon mode' when Oscar apparently said something rude and she transformed into a dragon. It's not like one of those normal dragons, though: she had no legs and wings and feathers. Yeah, pretty weird. And Oscar still looks like he's been jumpscared or something.

IT's boring... We're doing Photoshop, which is really boring and difficult. Sigh... I hate school.

Hey! Photoshop isn't boring.

I nearly forgot you existed.

Well, thanks.

You're welcome. Can you set the school on fire so that I won't have to suffer through this?

I can... but no.

That was a joke.

If you say so.

Well, is there anything else you can do so I won't have to suffer?

It's not suffering, it's learning.

'Learning', you say. Well, it's suffering in my standards, so there. Well, if you're not going to do anything helpful, at least... uh, say something useful?

I don't know what's useful in your terms, but... uh, Vivian has the power to absorb electricity and expel it?

Well... That was random. But... huh, now that I think about it, she never did tell me what her power was.

Ha! See, now that was useful.

But why would I care? I me

calling, "Wait for me!"

They finally reached the start of the line and walked away with their plates of waffle fries. "Oh man, these are delish, " Elena said through a full mouth. She swallowed and wiped her mouth with a tissue. "Mm."

"I haven't had these in ages, " Samantha sighed happily. "They remind me of, uh, Astra. When she would make these to give out during charity fund raising stuff and she would give some to me."

"She sounds like a nice person, " Elena said, nodding. "She's your, uh, sister, right?"

"Yeah." Samantha gave Elena a faint smile. "Though, speaking of her... I wonder how she's gotten up to. I haven't heard from her in a while."

"Maybe she's just busy with schoolwork, " Elena offered. "Maybe you can meet up during the weekends when you guys are less busy?"

"Maybe, " Samantha echoed. "Anyways, do you want to sit down somewhere?" She scanned the cafeteria for an empty seat.

"Sure, " Elena said, looking around as well. "Hey, there's Sharon and Luna! No sign of Zeph, though..."

"Zeph?" Samantha smirked. "I didn't realise you had a nickname for him."

"I mean, his friends call him that, " Elena amended smoothly. "And I assume we're friends, so...?"

"If you say so." Samantha started to trot towards Sharon and Luna. "Come on, before someone else takes those seats."

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