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   Chapter 23 NO.23

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6476

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"Alright! I assume you're all done, so, time to learn about safety in the kitchen!" Ms Derin abruptly exclaimed. She padded over to the whiteboard and picked up the marker. "Now, what dangerous things are there to look out for in a kitchen?" She asked.

"Fire, " one student called. "Hot ovens, " another student chimed in.

Ms Derin wrote the words down on the board with shaky paws. "Okay, anything else?"

It was extremely quiet for a few seconds. Suddenly, Ms Derin's eyes glinted and seemed to glow. She shot over to a student on the table to Samantha's left impossibly quickly with a serpentine hiss. Her wings unfolded - to Samantha's shock, they were much bigger than before - and her tail appeared to be more serpentine. Her tail thrashed and she hissed something into the student's ear.

The student grew pale. She slithered back over to her seat - her arms and legs had vanished, must to everyone's surprise, and her pupils had become slits.

Her legs and arms slowly slid out of her sides and fur sprouted across her feathered and scaly body. Her pupils widened and became normal and she sighed. "Oh dear, I might've lost control there. It's been a long time since I've had to encounter rude students." She smiled back at the class. "Anyways, where was I again...?"

Samantha spared a glance over to the still petrified student. To her surprise, it was Oscar - the very student who had transformed into a dragon in Art class.

She spent the lesson quite distracted. She hardly heard the bell signalling the end of class and only started packing up when someone jostled her as they were standing up.

Samantha watched as Oscar bolted out of the classroom before anyone else. "Huh. I wonder what that's about." She said to herself as she put her books back in her backpack.

As she exited the classroom, she caught various murmurs and whispers: "Do you think she threatened to kill him?" "What did he even say?"

. She chose the first images that came up when she searched high resolution image and low resolution image. She put it in her Photoshop document and resized the smaller image.

"It says... er, it's a 'smart object' and I have to... do something with it?" Samantha squinted at the text.

"Just find the Rasterise button, then press 'Smart Object'." Vivian said immediately.

"Uh... thanks." Samantha replied, surprised at the suddenly response. She did as Vivian had said and tried to move the image again. "Hey, it works!"

"You're welcome." Vivian replied, her eyes focused on her own screen. Samantha continued with her work, rubbing her eyes in between to try relieve the sleepiness she felt.

She typed out a relatively short paragraph and saved the document. "You done yet?" She whispered to Elena.

"I need to find a nice, aesthetic image for my IT document... just give me a second, " Elena said, scrolling through the pages and pages of images.

Samantha sighed and looked over to Mr Pix. He seemed to be tapping away at his computer, taking sips of coffee in between as he did so.

Samantha pulled out her diary and stared at the blue ombre cover for a few seconds. She retrieved her favourite dark blue pen and opened it to the next blank page, then began to write.

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