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   Chapter 22 NO.22

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 5843

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Vivian was silent for a few seconds. Finally, she nodded. "I see. What are they like?"

"You mean... you believe me?" Samantha stared, wide eyed, at Vivian. Vivian said nothing for a few moments. "Perhaps." She replied. "I don't see any proof that they don't exist, so why not?"

Samantha beamed, her mood suddenly lifted. "Well... I don't know too much about how they act, but they can speak the same language as..."

Evan abruptly stood up. "It's almost time for class, " he growled "I'm leaving."

Vivian stood up as well. "It's been a pleasure chatting with you, Samantha, " she said with a mysterious smile. "I suggest you get to class soon, too." She trotted after Evan, who surprisingly didn't say anything to her following him.

Samantha watched the two leave. "Huh... Elena hasn't showed up yet. Maybe she's just late and ate a granola bar in the dorm before going... or something." She decided not to ponder it, picked up her tray and carried it to the box of used trays. She dropped it in and checked her timetable. "DT... with Ms Derin. Uh... what's DT?"

When nobody answered her, she shrugged and trotted to class.


She leaned against the wall outside the classroom and pulled out her phone. She tapped in her password and checked her texts. There was one from Elena which read: "Took longer than anticipated so I won't be joining you at breakfast. I have DT next... but from what I remember, you have a different class to mine. Oh well. See you later!"

Samantha sighed. Oh well, another class without Elena, she thought, looking around at the students that were scattered around the door to the classroom. She saw a few she did recognise - she waved at Alexander when they made eye contact, but he quickly looked

sighed and put down the marker. "Oh dear, my arms and legs are a bit rusty. I haven't been using them in a while, huh?" She smiled as she turned back to the class. "So, I'm just going to say the instructions since I guess you can barely read my handwriting. So, first, stick in the papers in your blue DT books... the pink one goes first, then the blue one. There's glue on the shelf if you need it. Afterwards, stick in the white sheet - the one with your design brief - on the third page. I'll give you five minutes to do so."

She sat down heavily at a chair and massaged her arms, mumbling something under her breath. Samantha watched her for a few moments, then reached for her pencil case. She ran the tip over the backs of all the papers, then stuck them in sloppily.

She looked around at all the students. Most of them still seemed to be cutting off the sides of the paper to make it fit in the book. Samantha looked back down at her papers, which still had bits sticking out from the sides of the book. She shrugged and decided to leave it there - it wasn't like she cared anyways.

She looked up at the clock and rested her head on her paw to wait.

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