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This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6461

Updated: 2018-02-09 19:00

{{ Dear Mirror, Okay, how do I even begin? So, uh, where did I leave off again...?

Ah, right. History. So, Elena dragged me and Zephyr do shopping since Luna and Sharon were too busy. We also went to a restaurant after that... But the shopping wasn't important, it was the fact that I managed to slip away and leave those two be. I might just pester her about it tomorrow, since I'm about to sleep right now.

So... I'd sum up school as 'boring, but better with friends'. This school isn't actually too bad, and I get a lot more freedom here... so yeah.

I'm just going to sign off here, since... you know, no interruptions and all. Seeya, Mirror. }}


The alarm clock rattled noisily on the bedside. Samantha scowled and slapped the off button on it. She turned over and covered her eyes with her paws. "Ugh... I hate school."

After a minute of internal debate, she pulled herself to her paws and slid off the bed. She padded over to Elena's bed, picked up her still ringing alarm clock, and held it next to her ear.

Elena stayed blissfully asleep. Samantha sighed, put down the alarm clock, leaving it leaning against one of her ears, and turned around to look for something that would wake her up. Finally, she decided on a large, heavy Maths book. She padded over to Elena's bed and was about to slam it down on the wall by her head when Elena's eyes shot open.

Several things hit the wall directly next to Samantha's head at once: a toy trumpet, a pebble and a plastic bag filled to the brim with dirt. Samantha jerked aside and managed to catch the plastic bag (which, thankfully, was tied closed) with one paw. The other two items clattered to the ground next to her paw.

"Is it already morning?" Elena yawned.

"Yes, it is, " Samantha said with a sigh, putting down the bag of dirt on Elena's bedside table. "You should get ready. And do something about all this... stuff." She gestured at the objects

ay or do.

"You should finish breakfast too, Samantha, " Vivian offered, seeing her confused expression. Samantha slowly sat down, trying not to make eye contact with Evan.

Slowly, Evan sat down too, still looking displeased. The temperature dwindled down to room temperature.

"So, Samantha, " Vivian began, "You're in some of my classes but I hardly know you. How about a short introduction?"

"Eh?" Samantha considered Vivian's statement, then shrugged. "Why not...? Well, I'm Samantha Rowell, and, uh, I like... blue?"

"Interesting." Vivian replied, her eyes scanning Samantha's side of the table with a completely neutral expression. "How about your power?"

"My... power?" Samantha glanced over to her backpack, where her book - her diary - was hidden. "I... uh..."

A small smile crossed Vivian's snout. "Is it something that requires an... object to cast? Like a wand or a charm?"

Samantha blinked with surprise. "Uh... I suppose you could call it that. How did you know?"

"It's rather obvious seeing from your... reaction." Vivian replied simply. "If you don't feel comfortable telling me, you don't have to."

"No, it's not like that, " Samantha quickly amended. "So, about my power... uh, okay. I have... a telepathic connection to a world beyond ours."

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