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"Done!" Samantha exclaimed, slamming her Maths books closed.

"With help from me, " Elena added, chuckling at her friend's extravagant reaction. She pulled out her phone and scrolled through her chatrooms. "Oh, bummer. Sharon says she's too busy to hang... but Zephyr's free."

Various thoughts shot through Samantha's head in a split second and she felt a smile cross her snout. "Sure, " she said, trying to hide her sly smirk. "Would you mind asking him where we should hang?"

"Sure, why not." Elena replied, quickly tapping out a reply. She stared at her phone for a few moments then nodded. "He says anywhere... but he also gave us a few options. The mall, a park... then we can grab food afterwards."

Samantha considered it. "How about the mall, since... well, there's more stuff to do there?"

Elena typed out a reply. "He says... yeah, sure. And if it's okay to meet in fifteen minutes... so, around six?"

"Yeah, sure." Samantha slid off her bed and stretched. "Well, I'm ready -"

"No you aren't." Elena cut in quickly. "You're not going to be wearing that all day. Don't you have any other clothes?"

Samantha pouted. "No, not really."

"We're going to have to go shopping for more clothes someday, " Elena replied. "But that's another thing for another time. I guess..." She surveyed Samantha's clothes. "What you're wearing is fine for now. Well, I'd better change..."

Samantha nodded. "I'll just wait for you here..." She grabbed her backpack, shovelled some necessities inside and flopped onto her bed. She ran a paw through her messy braid and sighed. "Just don't take too long, okay?"


Samantha had just finished fixing her hair when Elena finally opened the door to the bathroom, dressed in a sweater, a denim jacket and a skirt with leggings. She posed and smiled. "What do you think? Too casual or too formal?"

Samantha turned and peered at her outfit. "Well, I'm no expert... but it's fine, I guess. Let's go!"

The tw

two to the cashier and stepped back to admire her handiwork. "If you're happy with what I've gotten, then pay for them and meet me outside!" She chirped. "And no need for thank yous - this is basically my hobby."

She bounded outside, clearly happy with the clothes she'd chosen. Zephyr sighed dreamily as he watched her go. "She really is the best..."

"Did you say something?" Samantha asked, rummaging through her backpack for her wallet.

"Nothing at all!" He yelped, cheeks reddening as he quickly looked for his wallet.


Elena dragged the other two through several more shops, tossing clothes at them and pushing them into the changing rooms to try them on. They finally left the mall with lighter wallets and bags of clothes.

"Well, " Zephyr said, picking through his clothes. "I'd never thought I'd buy stuff like this... but I actually look pretty good in them!" He chuckled. "You really have an eye for this fashion thing. Thanks, Elena."

"Haha, you're welcome. Anything for a -" Elena paused. "Close friend, " she ended, but it was clear that wasn't exactly what she wanted to say.

"Mm-hm. Thanks!" Samantha exclaimed. "But, uh, do you know where we can eat? I'm hungry."

"Typical Sam, " Elena replied, giggling. "I did some research and I found a pretty good restaurant..."

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