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   Chapter 18 NO.18

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6475

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"Huh, lunch is almost over. That was pretty fast." Samantha pointed out, glancing up at the clock. "Class starts at... uh, two, right?"

"Yep, " Sharon replied, looking up at the clock as well. "Well, I need to head to my locker a bit earlier since... you know, I'm a bit of a slow walker." She rose to her paws. "See you!"

"Hey, Shar, wait up, " Luna stood up as well. "We need to drop off our trays first..."

"Right." Sharon picked up her tray. "Bye, guys, " she said, her voice muffled by the tray, and trotted away. Luna quickly followed with her tray between her jaws.

"Don't we have History together?" Zephyr mumbled, as he watched the two go. He shrugged and turned back to Samantha and Elena. "You have Ms Tient for History, right?"

"Uh, yeah, " Elena replied, checking her timetable. "You too?"

Zephyr smiled. "Better yet, we all have Ms Tient for History."

Samantha grinned. "Well, this will be fun. Let's go!"


Just as the door to the History classroom opened, Luna and Sharon quickly bounded over to join the end of the line, where Zephyr, Samantha and Elena were waiting.

The dog who opened the door stepped out to survey the line of students. She pulled her white shutter shades off her snout and positioned them in her blond hair. She went for a few moments without speaking as she brushed down her Egyptian styled dress and shawl. Finally, a huge smile broke across her snout. "Welcome, class! I'm Ms Ann Tient, and I'm your History teacher!"

She opened the door wider and stepped back. "Choose your seats! You can sit wherever you want, just don't talk too much and... yeah! That's it!"

The line began to move. Excited chatter filled the air as the students made their way into the classroom.

"Hello, I hope you enjoy History! Good afternoon!" Ms Tient chirped, smoothing down her white, pale grey and beige fur as she spoke. Her yellow-gold eyes sparkled eagerly as she shifted from

ng day." Samantha said into her pillow, closing her eyes. "I just want to sleep."

"Don't worry, it'll get better." Elena replied, sitting down on her bed. "Let's just take a five minute break and we can do homework after..."

"Agreed. Wake me in five minutes if I fall asleep." Samantha buried her snout into her pillow again and closed her eyes.


Samantha sat up and yawned as she felt someone prod at her ribs. "Five minutes already?" She asked sleepily, peering up at Elena.

"Yep. So, Maths homework! If you need help, well... I'm not too bad at Maths myself." Elena answered, padding over to her desk and pulling her Maths books from her bag.

Samantha dragged herself over to her desk and pawed through the contents of her bag. She quickly gave up and pulled out everything inside, before rummaging through the pile of books and papers on her desk.

"Found it, " she said, picking up the pile of books and her empty bag and dumping it on her bed. "So, uh, help would be appreciated..."

Elena smiled. "So, what question are you on...?" She asked, leaning over.

"Question... uh, three..."

Elena tutted and shook her head. "You should work faster in class so you have less to do after. Now, question three... oh, that's easy. Just divide that by a hundred..."

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