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   Chapter 17 NO.17

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6496

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As soon as the minute hand ticked to 12:25, Mr Syne abruptly stood up from his table and strode to the front of the room.

"Alright, class. My name is Mr Syne, and I will be your Maths teacher for the academic year." He scanned the room with narrowed blue eyes and pushed his glasses up his snout. "I expect you all to put all your effort into your work and for you to be on your best behaviour."

He padded back to his desk and attached a cable to his laptop. A document flickered onto the screen with the words "Week 1" in black at the top.

Mr Syne lifted his paw and gestured at the board. A glowing beam of light shot from his paw and hit the screen, almost like a laser pointer. He traced the words 'Week 1' with it and the light vanished.

"I will put all of your exercises I set you on here. I will mark your books every three weeks and I expect you to have completed every exercise."

He handed a few sheets of paper to the dogs at the closest table. "Hand these over to every student. One per person."

As the dogs scattered, he turned back to the board. "I will write a comment and a number from 1 to 5. As you can see from the papers they are handing out, 1 is the highest mark you can get, and 5 is the lowest. I am not marking you on how well you do your work, but on how you organise it. Organisation is almost as important as showing your working out in a test." He pushed his glasses up his snout again. "After all, if you have your working out everywhere and scattered along the page, you may lose marks."

Elena passed Samantha a few sheets of identical paper. "Take one and pass it on, " she whispered, when she saw Samantha's confused expression. Samantha nodded, took a sheet and passed on the papers.

Mr Syne watched as the last of the papers were handed out. "Thank you, " he said, nodding towards the students. "Now, " he continued, looking back out across the room, "Stick the blue sheet in the first pa

ed quickly, looking away from each other and going to staring at their food.

"Of course, " Luna added quietly, smirking.

Samantha leaned over to Elena and whispered, "You can admit it, you know. We can all see it."

"Admit what? I see nothing!" Elena barked just a little too loudly. "So, uh, guys, what do you think of your new classmates?"

"New classmates?" Sharon asked, tipping her head to the side. "Well... Do you know that girl Kiara? She was actually really nice! A bit... different, but she was really polite."

"Huh, her? She tried to stab me with... uh, an arrow when I accidentally bumped into her." Samantha offered.

"Alexander is a pretty cool guy." Zephyr offered. "He's a bit... timid, though."

"Oh, and he pulled me and Sam in a room because he wanted to talk." Elena added.

Zephyr's hackles suddenly stood up. "About what?" he asked quickly.

"Oh, nothing. Just about the... near-killing of Abbey. Since apparently it would be 'dangerous' for people to talk to us, since we're on her... hit list." Elena replied.

Zephyr relaxed. "I see. Well, I don't care if you're on her hit list. You guys are my friends and if that means I go on her hit list, then be it."

"How... heroic, " Samantha joked. "Now, Sharon, have you heard about that Oscar guy..."

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