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Ms Loré stopped next to Luna's desk and watched her work. Her stripes darkened to red slightly, then reverted back to rainbow. "Please try to work faster, " she growled.

Samantha gulped as Ms Loré walked past Luna's desk and stopped by hers. She tried to ignore her piercing gaze as she started to add fur.

"Fur on a ear tends to point upwards." She stated. "Try to reflect that in your drawing." Samantha inwardly sighed with relief as Ms Loré padded past.

"Hm... not bad. You might want to darken the shading around the inside of the ear a little, though." Samantha snuck another glance at Ms Loré, who was now standing to her right and next to Elena's desk, and was surprised to see that her fur had faded to a light pink.

Ms Loré trotted past. Samantha turned to Elena and mouthed, "Can I see?"

Elena smiled and held up her sketchbook. Samantha's jaw dropped. Elena put down her book and mouthed, "You?"

Samantha shrugged, smiled sheepishly and held up her book. Elena squinted at her drawing, then leaned over and whispered, "The fur inside the ear is shorter and you should shade where the inside of the ear meets the outside. Not bad, though..."

"It sucks, but thanks for being nice, though." Samantha whispered back. "But you never told me you were good at art!"

Elena shrugged. "I'm not that good, " she replied. "I -"

Ms Loré turned around and squinted at the two. Samantha quickly returned to her work and tried not to look in her direction.

Elena gave her a barely perceptible shrug, as if saying, "maybe later", and returned to her sketch as well.

Samantha yawned and continued to work.


{{ Dear Mirror, Well... I'm in the middle of art class and it's so boring. We're supposed to be drawing ears. I've drawn two but they suck and I've given up... so yeah.

Anyway, about the other two classes... English was boring. I feel bad for the teacher though. And Science was okay... the teacher was a deer, which is pretty... uncommon, I guess. The stuff we were learning was bori

ighed. "Though school cafeterias aren't really known for good food."

"Alright, " Samantha said. "Let's head to the Main Block!"


The group split up when they reached the fifth floor. Samantha made her way past the lines of chattering animals until she reached a door labelled "Mr Syne".

She glanced at Elena, who shrugged and reached to open the door. They padded into the classroom, where they were greeted with a few lone students scattered around the tables with their Maths books and pens.

A black furred dog with dull blue markings and in a blue sweater looked up from his desk. He pushed his glasses up his nose and squinted at the two. "Please take a seat. Any is fine."

Samantha stared at him, waiting for more instructions, but he had already went back to looking over several papers. She shrugged and chose a seat close to the left of the room. Elena sat down next to her and dumped her Maths books onto the table with a loud bang.

Several students looked up from their desks and peered at the two. Elena frowned back at them until they looked away.

Samantha put down her books quietly and looked up at the clock, then back at the door. Slowly, students were making their way carefully and quietly into the classroom.

Samantha sighed and rested her head on her paws. This was going to be a long lesson indeed.

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