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This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6330

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The door swung open, revealing a surprised Elena. "Well... I didn't expect the door to open that easily - oh, hey Sam, hey Zephyr."

Samantha waved and gestured at her bag of crisps. "Want some?" She asked. Elena shrugged and picked her way across the floor over to Samantha's bed. "So, what brings you here?" She asked Zephyr, taking a pawful of crisps and selecting one from her paw.

"Nothing. Just wanted to visit." Zephyr replied, popping a cookie into his mouth. "So, how are my sisters?" He asked, quickly changing the subject. "Did you get along with them?"

"Yeah, they're pretty cool." Elena said. "Interesting, so to speak... oh, and about how you discovered your powers..."

Zephyr chuckled. "So, they told you about that?" He shrugged. "Yeah, I'm fine, if you're worried."

Elena huffed. "Not at all."

Zephyr laughed at her attitude. "Well, if you say so. Anyways, what's your next lesson? Maybe we're in the same class."

"Art. I'm in the same class as Elena, so... oh, and the teacher's... Ms Lore. Uh, how do you pronounce this? The... e with the slash?" Samantha squinted at her timetable.

"Loré. With an accent." Zephyr replied. "I'm in the same class too! And I think Luna's with us, too."

"What about Sharon?" Elena asked.

"Eh, probably a different teacher." Zephyr answered. "So, how were your teachers for the first two lessons?"

"We had Mr Carter for English, and I'm in a different class to Sam for Science." Elena replied. "Mr Carter's like that eternally sick teacher... my Science teacher... er, I forgot her name."

"I had Mr Strey for Science. He seems pretty chill... oh, and he's a deer." Samantha replied. "Have you seen any animals aside from dogs here at school? They seem pretty... uncommon."

"Actually, the school prides itself on having a diverse community. Maybe you just haven't met them yet, " Elena suggested.

Zephyr chuckl

her book with a sigh and reached for a pencil and eraser. She looked to her right, where Elena was eagerly sketching out a pointed ear, then to her left, where Luna was doodling something on the cover of her art book.

She squinted at the whiteboard and drew a wobbly triangle. She frowned and added another triangle in the middle to form the inside of the ear.

Ms Loré was padding between the desks and stopping every once in a while to watch a student draw. "The inner ear needs to be larger, " she instructed one student. "Draw a basic outline before going on to shading."

Samantha looked down at her 'drawing' then back to Luna, who was still drawing on the front of her book. She leaned over and poked Luna with a paw, then nodded towards Ms Loré, who was slowly but steadily making her way over to their row.

Luna shrugged, mouthed, "Whatever, " but flipped open her book to the first page. She rolled her eyes, squinted at the whiteboard, and began to draw.

Samantha could feel Ms Loré's eyes scanning over her row. She gulped and went back to refining her sketch, while watching Ms Loré wandering in between the desks through the corner of her eye.

She shivered slightly, tried not to make eye contact with Ms Loré and continued to work.

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