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   Chapter 14 NO.14

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 6395

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"That Evan kid was pretty weird, " Elena commented. "You know, I could've sworn that it grew extremely warm... right after he tripped."

"Hmm... maybe it's something to do with his power?" Samantha offered. "He might be a fire elemental or something."

"Hm, " Elena simply replied, looking perplexed. "Maybe."


Samantha stood, alone, outside her next class - Science. Elena was in a different Science class to hers, which was upstairs, and from where Samantha was standing there didn't seem to be anyone she really knew.

She reached for her diary and ran her paw lightly over the cover. She flipped through the pages of scrawled text until she reached the last filled page.

She read over the last few words - "you'll know what to do" over and over again, trying to decipher some sort of meaning behind it. "Well, I don't know what to do, so whatever magic you did, it didn't help, " she murmured other her breath.

She tucked the book back into her bag and reached for her phone. The door abruptly opened and to Samantha's surprise, a deer peered out from behind the door. Lime green goggles that were too big for his snout were perched on top of his head and he was wearing a fancy purple cloak rimmed with faux fur.

"You must be my new Science class, " the deer smiled and scanned the crowd of students. "My name is Mr Strey, and we will start Science by arranging your seats."

A loud groan rose from the crowd of students. Mr Strey ignored them and peered at the piece of paper he was holding. "Alright, Vivian Blackwood... please sit at the seat at the very right. Yes, over there..."

Samantha sighed as she watched the students being moved to their seats.

"Samantha Rowell?" Samantha quickly pushed past the remaining students to the front, earning a few grumbles.

"You can sit... there. Second row, second seat closest to this side." The deer nudged her forwards with his antl

was. "Oh, Zephyr. You scared me. Are you, " she tried not to smirk as she spoke, "looking for someone?"

"Uh, well... you kinda put your room number in the chat room, so I decided to come visit?" Zephyr scratched the back of his head and chuckled. "So, yeah."

"You're avoiding the question." Samantha accused, still trying to hide her smile. Zephyr shrugged and smoothly replied, "Well, if I've come to visit, I'm obviously looking to see if any of you are... home."

Samantha frowned but decided not to push it. She slid off her bed and opened a cabinet. She reached inside and pulled out a packet of crisps. "You can come in, you know. Just close the door and don't sit on the beds."

"Don't you have to lock the door?" Zephyr asked, carefully stepping into the room. Samantha shook her head and replied, "Knowing Elena, she'll probably come back to eat, so... she'll just open the door when she wants to, I guess."

"Elena?" Zephyr asked, his eyes lighting up. "Well... I guess I could stay a while. Do you allow food in here?"

Samantha gestured at her bag of crisps and swallowed her mouthful. "Just don't get it all over the floor, or you're cleaning it up." She warned, her eyes flickering towards the door. "Now, to wait for Elena..." she added quietly.

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