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   Chapter 13 NO.13

This ain't a diary, this is a - mirror? By 20lait1 Characters: 7453

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Samantha stood outside the English classroom, surveying the crowd of chattering students. Elena paced beside her, attempting the peer through the glass on the door into the classroom. "What do you think our teacher's like?" She asked excitedly, clearly eager to get on with the lesson.

Samantha shrugged. "All I know is that his name's Mr Carter."

As if responding to her queries, the door beeped and creaked open. A pale blue snout poked through, followed by a dark teal - almost black - head and a single violet eye peering back at his students. His rounded ears flattened slightly and he shrank back through the doorway, before taking a gulp and stepping forward.

"Students, please settle down, " he announced in a slightly raspy voice. He sniffled and wiped at his nose with a tissue. "Students?" He repeated, in a slightly quieter voice.

Slowly, the chatter died down. The teacher sighed with relief and sneezed again. "My name is Mr Carter, and I am your English teacher for the year. Please take a seat in the classroom... but I will move you if you talk too much." He stepped aside to let the students pass.

Samantha joined the trail of whispering students alongside Elena. They quickly selected two seats somewhere in the middle and sat down.

Mr Carter closed the door behind the last student and surveyed his class with his one good eye. "Welcome to your first class of the term, " he sniffled again, "English. I look to make this class an enjoyable one."

A student's paw shot up. Mr Carter sighed and gestured at them. "What is it?"

"What's wrong with your eye?" The student blurted out, earning a chorus of whispers from the other students. Mr Carter sighed and rubbed at the bandages covering his eye. "It's a long story. Now, any sensible questions?"

Another student slowly raised their hand. Mr Carter glanced over at them and nodded. "Yes?"

"What is our first... topic?" They asked carefully.

Mr Carter smiled. "I'm glad you asked. It's my favourite subject, Shakespaw's Macbeth. It is a... very bloody play, but isn't that you youngsters like?"

He padded over to where the artwork was displayed and gazed fondly at them. "This is what you should hopefully produce for your final proj

down at her book and flipped slowly through the first few pages, her eyes scanning the text eagerly. Next to her, Elena yawned and traced circles on the paper with her paw as she read.

Samantha finished the text and decided to look around the classroom to 'analyse' her new classmates. The classroom had cooled down considerably - Samantha assumed it was something about Evan's power - and Mr Carter had turned off the fans. She thought she saw a few familiar faces in the crowd - Kate, Luna, Sharon, Alexander - but they were too engrossed in reading to notice her.

Samantha was about to put her head in her paws when the bell rang. Everyone immediately began shoving their books in their bags.

"E-er, class dismissed! Take care of your textbooks, and bring your English books to class next time!" Mr Carter yelped. Students were already streaming out of the doorway, chattering excitedly - a completely opposite to the silence in the classroom a few minutes earlier.

Samantha tucked her book in her bag and joined up with Elena.

"That was so boring!" Elena said, yawning behind a paw. "Blah blah blah, witches, blah blah blah..."

"I found it pretty interesting, " Samantha offered. "The rest of the story's pretty bloody and stuff too..."

Elena's eyes lit up. "Actually, never mind about the boring bit! I can't wait to get straight on with reading the next part!"

Samantha chuckled as her friend's reaction. "Well, that's great. Now, what do we have next...?"

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